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I recently moved into my new house and I am ready to refresh all my decor but the problem is buying a house just a few months ago left me a bit budget conscious. So instead of looking for new furniture I decided why not update something that I had to help refresh and modernize my freshly painted living room. Naturally what is the most stared at piece of furniture in your living room? Your TV stand.
Now this TV Stand has been through a lot. It has moved from Massachusetts to Georgia, back to Massachusetts then to Rhode Island and finally back to Massachusetts. With all that mileage this TV stand has withstood the test of time and has proven to be a solid piece of furniture. With my new house I am looking steer away from the darker woods and choose brighter whites and maybe some pops of color.
I was ecstatic when Wagner sent me their new Home Decor paint sprayer available at Home Depot. I knew painting the TV stand would have been a lot of work and take me at least two weekends. Let’s face it I cannot go with out TV for two weekends!
What I was looking forward to the most about spraying the piece opposed to painting it with a brush was that it would result in a smooth finish where paint brushes usually left brush marks.
Now I was thinking about doing this project outside on my back porch but the weather did not cooperate, it snowed…. but I was able to bring the TV stand down the basement on my work bench. Now my work bench is on wheels which actually turned out to be perfect for this project. If you are doing this inside make sure you open the windows to vent the room.
To prep the piece your spraying start to remove all hardware. This includes tracks, knobs, pulls and I actually removed the glass from the doors so I didn’t have to tape them up.
Tip: to remember which screws went to what part I used separate sandwich bags and I also took pictures of the tracks and hinges so I knew which direction the tracks originally went. I’ve learned from the past take pictures of everything to reference when putting the piece back together. If you are like me you will need them.

Now the prep work is just as important as the finish work. It’s important to sand down your furniture. Now if your using a chalk paint you might not have too but I have chosen an enamel latex paint. I used my orbital sander starting with a 60 grit sand paper and making my way through to a finer 150 grit for a smooth finish.

I chose the Behr Ultra White paint and primer in one in an eggshell enamel. I like to get the paint and primer in one because I feel like you achieve the same great coverage but in less paint. The whole TV stand took about 1 quart and 1/4 of another quart.

Now here is the most important thing about spraying which I did not know before this project. You MUST thin your paint. Since I was am a latex paint you thin the paint with water. Wagner supplies this awesome tool, in yellow, you fill your paint to a notch and add water to the canister to the next notch and that is your 10% marker. Now on the side of the can of paint you purchased there should be instructions on how to thin it. I really felt it was trial and error to get the perfect consistency. I had a piece of plywood to test the sprayer out on until I achieved the paint consistency I was looking for.
Now once I practiced a bit on the plywood and got a hang of the sprayer I was ready to go. Using sweeping motions I started on the stand leaving the smaller pieces like the drawers until the end.
Now at first the paint almost looks like hundreds of dots flying on to your piece. Don’t be alarmed that is right! Now if your paint starts to drip you may have thinned it too much or you could be spraying too much. Its important to be patient. I actually sprayed each coat rather lightly allowing time for each coat to dry. I did about 3 coats to finish the stand.
This was the stand after coat two. One more coat and we are on our way. Now painting with the sprayer is a lot faster than painting by hand. I was able to get this whole project done in a day and a half and honestly if I used chalk paint and didnt have to sand it would’ve been possible to be done in a day!

I couldn’t be happier with how this came out. It completely changes the look of the room. The white paint modernizes the TV stand and pops with the grey wall and the white molding.

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