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A guide for Instant Pot accessories, cookbooks and some of my favorite recipes.

So you got an Instant Pot?! Whether it was a gift over the holidays or you splurged and got it on sale. Getting an electric pressure cooker can be a bit overwhelming at first. Everything you’ve heard about a pressure cooker can be intimidating but the but intimidating part is getting it out of the package. I have had my Instant Pot for over a year now and I use it at least once a week if not more. I’m actually considering putting it on my counter permanently. 

I thought today I would share some of the items I have found helpful this last year. I’ve done a bunch a research, even by trial and error, so I thought I would help you skip that part and share some of my favorite accessories (what they do), my fave cookbooks I own and some of my favorite recipes. 

So which Instant Pot did you get? I have the 6 qt DUO60 but most of these items will work with the 8 qt too. 

Instant Pot Sealing Rings

Now there’s a few reasons I suggest to get multiple sealing rings. First off you should replace your sealing ring about every six months if you use your instant pot a lot. When you do purchase your rings make sure to get the genuine instant pot sealing rings. There are a lot of knockoffs out there. Secondly I cook both sweet and savory in my instant pot. I find the the seal keeps in some of the smell of meat and I don’t want my apple sauce tasting like a roast. Now I have an extra ring that is a different color for sweet. Also I like to run the sealing ring in the top rack of the dishwasher every so often. 

OXO Silicone Pressure Cooker Rack

When I first got my instant pot I was cooking all of my meat in it. After a few weeks I was kind of sick of the texture of pulled tender meat and went back to using my oven just for a textural change. My brother and sister in law recently gifted me this OXO silicone pressure cooker rack. What it does is lifts the meat and allows it to sit above the liquid but also drips the fat and grease separating it away from the food. What I love about it is that it prevents sticking to the pan and makes for easier clean up. Definitely a must have. 

Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid

Now since I have owned my instant pot my crock pot has been sequestered to the basement. The instant pot can also function as a slow cooker. The only thing is you might want to get a glass lid for it. Removing the other lid can be troublesome. The lid has a steam vent and allows you to see what you are cooking. Easy on and off for stirring. Definitely a must have but you can not use it when you are pressure cooking. I have also heard that some of your pot lids can fit perfectly. Mine did not. 

7 inch Springform Pan

Ok now I will admit I bought this 7 inch springform pan but haven’t tried it myself yet. My friend made a cheesecake in her instant pot and it was so creamy and dense. A real New York style cheesecake. I love that it’s only 7 inches so it’s like a mini cheesecake. I will be making this soon! 

Instant Pot Inner Pot

I use my instant pot to do a lot of meal prep or to cook for when I have people over. One of the best purchases I have made is an extra inner pot. That way I can carefully lift out the hot pot onto a trivet and put the extra inner pot in and continue cooking. It helps save time and I am not constantly washing pots or waiting for them to cool. If you are a meal prepper like me this is a must!

Other accessories

Now there’s a lot other great accessories out there. Now I have not tried them all but here are a few I’ve heard good things about. 

Have questions? The best way to get your answers quickly and to find recipes is to join the Instant Pot Community on facebook. Anytime I have a question I post it in the group and it’s answered in minutes or I can search the group. I often go in there for recipe inspiration. 

Instant Pot Cookbooks

Now I get most of my recipes off of Pinterest but there are two cookbooks that I have found that I love. Not in the market for a cookbook? Follow my instant pot Pinterest board here

The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Favorite Recipes

A lot of the recipes I make are simple. Some of my favorite weeknight meals are a jar of salsa and some chicken/turkey shred it up and serve it as burritos or over a salad. Another favorite is making quick buffalo chicken/turkey serve it over white rice with arugula and goat cheese. Those are some of my weeknight staples. Below are some recipes I have made time over time the last year and are a big hit with my family. 

Pressure Cooker Apple Sauce from Pressure Cooking Today

Instant Pot Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs from Mommys Home Cooking

Instant Pot Potatoes from Simply Stacie

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