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One of my good friends recently got married and we all know I love a wedding! So of course I wanted to help her make centerpieces. We made DIY candlelight wedding centerpieces with mason jars and frosted glass spray paint using my silhouette and vinyl (affiliate links). 


Here’s what you need

In Silhouette draw or trace a heart. Duplicate that heart on the page to fill the vinyl. Now we used a heart on each side of the jar, make sure to double the amount of hearts to the number of jars you have. 

Don’t have a silhouette? You can use stickers like these from amazon or just look for something about 1.5 inches wide. 

Now you are going to want to cut your vinyl on the vinyl setting. Blade 2 > Speed 8 > Thickness 9. The blade did cut all the way through so the hearts were a little more like stickers but worked exactly the same way.

Peel the backing off the heart and apply it smoothly to the glass jar. No need to use transfer tape on the vinyl since it is such a small piece. 

Now that you have your jars with the vinyl hearts you want to make sure you have a ventilated work space. For me since it was gorgeous out I used a piece of foam core on my lawn. 

Tips for spray painting. Always push the spray nozzle while not directly in front of your jar. You want to spray to the side incase of any splatter. Slow and steady is key for spray painting always keep your hand moving back and forth. Take a break so you don’t douse your jar. Patience is the key to not having drips. Once your jar is as frosted as you desire let it be dry to touch. It won’t take long. 

Now we didn’t just want frosted glass we wanted to pull in some gold glitter to match the rest of the wedding day decor. We decided to use Krylon Glitter Blast as a top coat accent. 

We weren’t to heavy when spraying since we didn’t want the glitter to be overpowering. 

Peel back the vinyl when dry. The glass underneath should be clean and free of paint. 

We topped each jar with some jute twine. These are simple centerpieces that can easily be done in just a few hours leaving the rest of your weekend for other wedding crafts. 

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