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DIY Fall Wreath

Finally life has slowed down a bit and I am able to get into the fall mood that is beyond just ordering a pumpkin spice latte at a counter. This weekend one of my friends came up for a girls getaway and we decided to have a crafty relaxing Sunday making fall wreaths. The weather was so perfect 70’s in October?! Yes, please. So since the weather was so perfect and wreaths can be messy we sat outside on my back deck and made them under the ever changing leaves.

Now I didn’t even have a wreath in mind until I stopped by Trader Joe’s, to buy everything pumpkin, and saw these gorgeous grapevine wreaths for $3.99. Since we’ve made these wreaths I’ve already went back and bought two more bases to tuck away for Christmas. 


So here’s what you need

  • Grapevine Wreath Base
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Festive fall florals
  • A focal point, for this wreath it was pinecones
  • Accents pieces, acorns 

Now I went to Joann’s and hit up the 70% off floral sale with an additional 20% off total purchase coupon. Holla! I love a good sale. Now this was my first time making this type of wreath so of course I toted it with me into the store. I am very visual so it was much easier to envision the finished product when I had the wreath in hand. 

First I picked the color scheme. I knew I wanted to lean more towards the natural elements rather than floral. I settled on orange and browns. I chose sprigs of orange berries. I knew I wanted one point of focus on the wreath on the bottom left hand side. To do this I chose a cluster of pine cones. 

Start by laying your florals on top of the wreath. Once you have a bit of a plan start weaving the floral’s “branches” into the grapevines. The reason I am now smitten with these wreaths is how easy it is to tuck in your designs. Now don’t be afraid to break up the sprays use the wire cutters and snip snip snip then use your floral wire to form your own clusters. 

Once your florals/branches are in place secure with floral wire. I strung the wire through the front of the wreath and fished it through the grapevines and tied it off at the back the wreath. This may take some patience. 

And ta da! You have a gorgeous festive wreath! The whole wreath took me under 20 minutes and with all the sales it was under $12. I used to work at Restoration Hardware in college and there wreaths started around $89! I think I will stick to making wreaths for now on. 

I have to say I a so pleased with how this came out. Especially the pine cones and the acorn accents. 

Now we didn’t just make one wreath of course my friend had to make one too. I love how hers came out. I even think if she takes off the acorns she can use this wreath year round! 

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