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Today the guest room is finally getting a little love. After almost a year of just having a bed in this room I picked up some unfinished pine night stands. I left them assembled in the room for a few months knowing I wanted to do something fun with a pop of color and maybe a texture. 

This room is really fun and playful with lots of pops of color. I picked up this comforter at Target before I even had a bed in here. It was the inspiration for the entire room. I started picking out accent colors for each flower. 

Guys did you know Target now has a paint line in store with Devine Color? Devine Color + Target partnered to have coordinating paint colors and home decor. That means that the Devine Petal matched my bedding! I didn’t even have to take the pillowcase to get it color matched. I just headed over to the home improvement section, where I also picked up some light bulbs, and grabbed the paint. It was really important to me to keep this project on budget. Picking unfinished end tables and finishing them myself in the end saved me money.

Now usually I have a project in mind and pick up the supplies and it will take me a week or so to get motivated to actually do it. This was not the case I was dying to get this project done. My guest bedroom was just craving some attention. Not to mention I had a friend coming to visit and I wanted to surprise her with nightstands. This color was very rich and vibrant it went on easy with just a paint brush. Two coats was perfect. The drying time was really quick too. I think this was because I was painting over raw pine. 

Now I had special plans for the drawer fronts. So I taped off the fronts so they wouldn’t get paint on them. I also wanted the pop of color to continue when you opened the drawers. So I taped off the bottom of the inside of the drawers and painted the walls and the side. I wanted this piece to look completely finished. Details like this bring your DIY projects to a professional level. Don’t cut corners to save time it’s worth it when you see this finished project.

Now when I was looking at paint colors in the store I noticed the Devine Color peel and stick wall coverings. I left with my paint and went on my merry way but I just kept thinking about what if I covered the drawer fronts with removable wallpaper? I jumped online and started to do my research, which lead me to this video. Seemed easy enough so I ordered one roll of the Devine Wallpaper in Karat. 

I removed the painters tape from the drawer front and was left with crisp lines. I rolled out a piece of wallpaper long enough for the drawer front and cut it. The wallpaper was wide enough to get two drawer fronts out of so I cut it in half horizontally. I used one of those halves and started to mark how it would fit on the drawer using an exacto knife and scissors.

Once I had it cut to the correct shape I peeled back the bottom layer slowly. Do not peel it all off at once and try to place the wallpaper down. Do it by section. You will get less air bubbles and it is easier to work with. 

Use a scraper tool or a credit card to rub the wallpaper on to the surface. This will help remove any air bubbles and create a seal. Now that your wallpaper is on your first drawer front use the backer paper from the wallpaper as a template for your remaining drawers. 

Painted night stand with wallpaper drawer fronts

I can’t even believe how beautiful these came out and I did them in one day! It only took one Sunday from start to finish. It was an attainable weekend craft. I love the pop of color with the texture of the gold fleck in the wallpaper. This is such a fun nightstand that I hope will impress my guests.

I also was able to pick up a few home decor items that really tied the room together. This gold pineapple candle is doing double duty as both an accent piece that brings out the gold fleck of the wallpaper and it also smells amazing. Often times when I am decorating a colorful room I will wander into the children’s section. I am almost 30 and love the Pillowfort collection at Target. Infact this 3D flower framed artwork is from that collection and it matches the room perfectly. I love that it is playful and the 3 dimensional flowers seem to pop off the wall.  And lastly to complete a guest room you need some euro shams. I’ve always loved a diamond matelasse pattern so I picked up two white diamond matelasse Fieldcrest euro pillows to match the bedding. 

I did decided to switch up the knobs the wooden ones just didn’t seem to go anymore. 

There is just something about finishing a project that just makes a room feel complete. What I love about DIYing my own furniture that at the end of the day there is a sense of pride. I did that. I designed that. I finished that. And also you know that it is a one of a kind piece that no one else can just buy off the shelves. 

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  1. Michelle, those nightstands!!!! Love, love, love them. And while you did them on a budget, they surely don’t say ‘I was done on a budget!’. I did not know about Target’s new paint line either, clearly a trip to Target is called for!
    Well done my friend.
    Hugs, Lynn

  2. I love what you did, Michelle! So much fun – and on a budget. Another reason for this Canadian to be jealous of y’all and your Target! Miss that store. 🙁

  3. I have an old dresser that I can’t wait to try this on!! Devine Color looks like it works wonders on refreshing!

  4. Your nightstands turned out great! I love that bedding; it is so cool that the paint colors coordinate with the home decor at Target so well. I will definitely have to check it out!

  5. I love this kind of wallpaper decor, it’s super easy to do and it completely changes the vibe. I had not tried drawers yet though, thanks for the tip!

    1. Thank you! I think the bedspread was the hardest thing to find for the room! I am so picky. Actually found this at TJ Maxx.

  6. What an amazing makeover! I love the bedding and artwork, too – everything works so perfectly together!