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I have gotten quite the reputation with my pallet signs and the number one question that comes up is Michelle where can I find pallets? Where can I get pallets for free? Well ask and you shall receive. I have 5 different ways that I find pallets for free that should be applicable across the country. 

1. Keep your eyes open. 

I would have to say the most common way that I acquire pallets is the side of the road. Now I have a trained eye that comes from years of rescuing furniture off the side of the road. If you keep your eyes peeled and take more of the back roads than highways you are more than likely to come across some pallets. Most likely when you least expect it. Now I keep a stash of cut down pallets in my shed so when I know I am running low believe me I will stop. Now this being said I always keep a moving blanket in my car because you never know when you will come across some treasures. 

2. Facebook Yardsale Groups

The yardsale group has yet to fail me yet. If you don’t have the leisure to wait for a pallet to jump out at you on the side of the road you can always post in a Facebook Yardsale Group “ISO free pallets”. Usually the response comes quick with all different types of solutions leading you to small business or people trying to get rid of pallets. 

3. Craigslist

If all else fails there is always Craigslist. Most of the time you don’t even have to post what your looking for. Just a quick search and hundreds of pallets will be at your disposal. I have never paid for a pallet so you shouldn’t either. I usually try to avoid meeting with people for safety’s sake. So my favorite posts are from businesses that will tell you to stop by they are the side of the building first come first serve. 

4. Friends

Don’t underestimate your friends or family. A lot of the times you may have a friend that works in a warehouse or at a retailer that is constantly getting shipments. Ask around. This could be your best resource. Once I found this person they have become my go to for pallets. Infact I had to turn some down. 

5. Gardening or Hardware Stores

Gardening and hardware stores get shipments weekly. Often times I’ll drive by our local gardening store around the corner and they have 100s of pallets in the back. The key is don’t be intimidated to ask. In my experience they are usually grateful to get rid of some of them. In fact I have even asked at Home Depot before and they have let me take pallets out back for free. 

Now how do you dismantle a pallet?

I was told about two other products that make dismantling a pallet easy and don’t require power tools. Pallet Buster and Deck Wrecker (affiliate links). Now they are a bit more expensive than a crow bar and a hammer but are worth checking out if you are going to be taking apart pallets a lot. 

Now that you have your free pallets peruse some of my pallet projects below or here

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  1. I’ve learned that a small floor jack with wheels are much easier to work off the pallets boards, some will break but for the most they will pop right off!

    1. Also, there’s probably a small scissor jack in your car’s jack box. You can use that instead. Today I took apart some pallet and it worked phenomenal! Just make sure to put it back on your car in case of an emergency.