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Fall Housewarming Party

I have been in my house about three months and I can hardly believe it. With the weather starting to get cooler and winter just around the corner I knew October would be my last chance to have a housewarming party and to enjoy my back yard. I was so nervous all week. Just my luck that the week of my party was a Nor’ Easter. But luckily the weather gods were on my side! It rained everyday this week but Saturday and my lawn was some how not a mud pit!  

Since you guys couldn’t make it I thought I would share the party on my blog 😉 

Being away from New England for two years I truly missed the fall (not so much the winter). I now take every chance I get to embrace my favorite season. Running with the theme of fall I first decided on a color scheme of purple and orange. Knowing I wanted to incorporate lots of pumpkins. 

I have always been a strong believer that a successful party is always in the details. Small things like painting mason jars for vases can make a big difference (simple tutorial to here). I was always planning to incorporate some flowers but it seemed that the stars had aligned when I was grocery shopping. As I was walking towards the refrigerator section I spotted the managers special flowers display, I bought 3 dozen roses for $8! The colors went perfectly with my color scheme and my budget. 

I always love to throw in a touch of vintage when I can. I bought these apple crates at Brimfield this past September. They made a perfect fall display for my vignette of pumpkins and mums. 

Of course what party is complete without a bunting banner?! (Made on my silhouette).

Another vintage find a galvanized metal Tesco tub, this time a yard sale find. It makes a perfect makeshift bar! Also no party is complete without my famous Sangria. The secret it to let your fruit soak in a bottle of peach schnapps for 12-24 hours. The longer is soaks the better it is.  

Thank you all for virtually stopping by my housewarming party! Hope you will stop by my Empty House Tour and watch out for a Holiday edition home tour coming this winter!

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