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I just bought a house about 7 months ago now and the first thing I did was paint every room in this house. Now I am almost done months later. All I have left is the mustard colored finished basement and the multi colored kitchen, I’m not a huge fan of accent walls. After painting just about every room I am almost a pro and I wanted to share some of my tips on how to prep before painting whether it be a room, trim or a door preparation is key. 

Frog Tape

Now painter’s tape can seem tedious but unless you have a very steady hand it is 100% necessary. I can’t tell you what I would’ve gave for the previous owners to have just used some FrogTape®. Can we just talk about how much paint they got on my beautiful hardwoods below.

 paint on hardwood floors

Or the amount of trim paint that is on the wall? So let’s talk about the ways to avoid paint on the floor and beautiful trim work. FrogTape® is actually the only painters tape I use. It comes in two varieties: Multi-Surface and Delicate. I have used some not so great tape in the past but FrogTape® always wins because of its PaintBlock® technology. Crisp lines every time. I have used it in the past on some furniture pieces to create intricate designs like chevron on a rocking chair for my nephew. 

Step One

My dad always taught me to paint the baseboards first. Cutting long pieces of the FrogTape®, run the tape along to the top of the base board. Make sure to use your finger and run it along the tape to create a seal between the tape and the wall. This ensures that is fully adhered and no paint will bleed.

Step Two

Do the same along the floor right against the edge of the the base board. This will protect your hardwoods. I would then lay down a drop cloth incase you are really messy like the previous owners of my house. Apply two coats allowing the paint to dry either overnight or for a few hours. 

Step Three

Time to paint your walls. Now I love this grey and they actually left me extra so I had it matched. Using your roll of FrogTape® you are going to tape where the wall meets your freshly painted white base board. Make sure to press the tape down with your finger. Apply one to two coats of your wall paint.

Step Four

Remove the tape and admire your handy work!

Looking for some inspiration for your rooms? Check out FrogTape® painting inspiration. Check this out to learn more about FrogTape® brand painter’s tape like the FrogTape® Delicate Surface painter’s tape or the Multi-Surface tape I used today. 

I am going to leave you guys with a sneak peek of the sun porch I am about to undertake. Can we just talk about this blue door that I see everyday?! I think it’s time for the blue to go. Check back in a few weeks to see what color I chose and how the sunporch is shaping up. 

How to prep for painting

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