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This week I have partnered up with 40 other bloggers for Swap It Like It’s Hot: Thrift Store Edition. So what is this all about? We all head out to our local thrift store with $10 in hand and find some unique items. Then we ship them off to another blogger who will turn them into something amazing! Sounds fun right?! I had a blast and actually can’t wait until the next round. 

So who was my partner?! What did she send me?! My partner was Karen from Dragonflies and Lilypads and she sent me an awesome box full of goodies. Everything from nesting pumpkins to ribbon and frames and this fun upholstered jewelry box below. 

I was a bit stumped at first on what to do with my items. I procrastinated a good week until my sister in law was over and we came up with the genius idea to make the jewelry box into a recipe box. So I took out the trays and realizing that the 3 drawers would separate out into different types of recipes. 

The jewelry box is fabric which threw me a little bit for a loop. I knew I wanted to cover the dated pattern but wasn’t exactly sure how. Then I remembered this awesome blog post from Lucky Scarf where Candace painted her outdoor furniture cushions. How she did it was she used latex paint which I have a ton of and DecoArt’s Americana Fabric Medium

All you have to do is combine the paint and the fabric medium together at a 2:1 ratio and mix well and you’ve turned your normal latex paint into fabric paint. 

I decided to use a foam brush to avoid streaks. I painted the first coat on evenly and went ahead with applying a second coat to make sure the pattern was fully covered. 

Now I was actually going to add a pattern or another pop of color to the box but the simplicity of one color really just worked with my kitchen. So I left it alone (which is very hard for me to do!) I let the paint dry overnight and I was off to design recipe card and dividers for the recipes. 

Overall I am really excited with how this project came out. It is definitely something that I am going to use weekly if not daily. I am always in the kitchen cooking or baking up something. A few years ago my Grandma passed away and I have a few recipes that are truly near and dear to my heart. These were the first recipes to make its way into the box. 

Download the recipe cards here.

My partner that I sent a big ole box of thrifted goods to was Charlotte from Ciburbanity.  She is actually the organizer of the whole swap! I knew I had to send her something good for all her hard work. I found these matching metal candle sconces, This metal breakfast in bed tray and these scraps of leather. Want to see what she made? Hope on over to her blog here



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  1. Love, love, love!! The teal/blue color you chose is perfect, and I can’t believe that you painted over fabric! I keep seeing this trick around blogland; one of these days I’m going to try it for myself!

    1. Thanks Emily. I am obsessed with this color. I use it everywhere. I love that I was able to use it on fabric. We can thank Candace for that trick.

      1. Hi Michelle…! I know all this was posted three or more years ago… but somehow I’ve stumbled across it just today!! The color is what caught my eye…well, that along with the uniquely compact and organized look of another type of BOX for me to play with…(I’ll admit, I have a slight obsession with “containers” of any size and shape!!). However what I find myself most curious about today is that color!! After years and YEARS of being a self proclaimed “RED-oholic”, suddenly in the past two years almost, I have jumped ship and formed a relationship with this “turquoise-y”/“sea foam-ey”/“blue-green-ie”/“Tiffany’s Blue”/ “Or whatever the heck this color really is” COLOR…! I’m being silly…I know…. but I absolutely am going crazy wanting to find out what color it is you actually used here on this project. I think I can see that you were using a Valspar sample, but wasn’t sure if it was an “oops” shade or one in their existing color line….? Would you consider telling me the name of it so I can go right away and make a gallon of it mine??!! I absolutely LOVE it, and I have SOOOOO many things that are screaming to be this color in and around my house!!! Would really appreciate the help!!!
        Thank you so much, and congrats on such an adorable make with this project!! Just looking at it makes it easy to fall in love with it!!
        Stacey Cicchiello

  2. Perfect transformation Michelle! Glad you were able to paint over the fabric and brighten it up! Those recipe cards are adorable as well.

  3. What a perfect makeover for that box! How fun, now you get to keep your grandmother’s recipes in there. How nice 🙂