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Under $350 Kitchen Makeover – Part One Painted Granite Counters

My sister, Jenny, recently purchased her first home with her husband Michael. I was so excited for the two of them but I was also very excited to help fix up various rooms and to share the outcomes here!

Are you ready for this? Over the next three weeks we will bring you through their kitchen renovation for under $350. YES UNDER $350! You can give your kitchen an update without actually replacing your cabinets and counter tops. Let’s work with what you have with a budget that won’t leave you crippled with debt. 

To say Jenny spends a lot of time in the kitchen that is an understatement. She is an avid baker (you can check her out here). She is incredible and can make a dessert look like anything, including a turkey shaped cupcake.

So what do you do when your counter tops aren’t looking great (in this instance an aged off white)? You google can I paint my countertops? And the answer is yes! We found a couple kits but the company with the best ratings and youtube instruction videos was Giani Granite. We purchased it on Amazon for $68.00 (now 79.95 but still worth it!) They also have an easy one sheet of instructions. 

Giani Granite Sicilian Granite Paint Kit For Countertops in Chocolate Brown. Click here.

How it works is you paint (roll on) a base color on your countertops in this case it was a black base. The instructions say to let the base dry for 8 hours, we left ours over night. 

Now I can’t even believe we didn’t take process pictures! We were just so excited to get these done. The kit comes with a natural looking sponge and you sponge paint on the faux granite look. It was so easy even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body you can do this! 

Next you roll on your clear topcoat.

Here comes the hard part….are you ready for it. The countertop has to cure for 14 days. Now you can use your countertop but don’t use any harsh cleaning materials. We also did not put any of our appliance back on the counter especially the heavy ones like the kitchen aid mixer. After 14 days go for it! 

Now this is only part one! Make sure to come back the next 3 weeks on Thursday to see the full renovation! Also a giveaway on April 17th!

Update! Click here to check out Part 2 the painted cabinets!

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