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A home tour of farmhouse Easter and Spring decor. How to get your home ready for Spring.

I love decorating my home for Spring and Easter. Living in New England we dream all Winter long about Spring. I was actually happy that Easter was early this year so I could pull out my Easter decorations in the middle of a Nor Easter. Now what I love about decorating for Easter is an excuse to buy all the bunny figurines and I mean all of them. Or at least one new bunny a year, or two…

Now that Easter is just around the corner I am looking forward to more daylight, warmer weather, less snow, spending more time outdoors and the buds and blooms of springtime. Growing up in New England we always counted down the days until Spring and I find myself doing it as an adult. There’s just something about getting out in the yard, planning projects and generally just adding more color back into your life. 

When I start decorating I always start with the console table in my living room.  It is right as you enter my front door and lends itself well for being decorated for every season. 

This year I really wanted to focus on textures. I chose to use terracotta and a poured concrete. I loved the natural look but also how they contrasted each other with warm and cool tones. They mixed well with my eucalyptus garland from Hobby Lobby. I also incorporated  birds eggs throughout my house. The loose ones I got from Hobby Lobby and the nests I picked up at CVS. The eggs are not only my favorite touch but also my cat’s Zoey. Every night since I put them out I fall asleep to her playing soccer with them throughout the house. 

To bring more Easter decor into the space I added decorations to my coffee table, contained in a tray. This silver bunny was my first purchase of the season from Pottery Barn. I saw him and just instantly fell in love. 

I also tied in more greenery with this faux boxwood and terracota pot from the Christmas tree shop and some more eggs from Hobby Lobby. Now I am about to refinish this coffee table by planking the top of it with a darker stained wood. I am happy to get one last Easter out of the white top before the change. 

Now we all know about my obsession for Rae Dunn so I wrote a post dedicated to how I dressed up my Rae Dunn for Easter. I haven’t been this happy to step into my kitchen since Christmas

Happy Easter!

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  1. What a happy spring space! I wish we could buy more Rae Dunn here in Canada! We are lucky if we can find the occasional coffee mug! Love all your bunnies too!

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  3. I adore bunny rabbits and we have a couple of mini-rexs (a small velvety rabbit). But our home decor also reflects this love of bunnies, from our two year old’s peter rabbit themed bedroom, to vinyl decals all over the fridge… I can’t get enough. So I appreciate your abundant use of rabbits in your Easter decor!