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How to store multiple Instant Pots on an Instant Pot cart. Perfect storage solution for pressure cookers.

Instant Pot Cart

This post contains affiliate links.

Have multiple Instant Pots or pressure cookers in your kitchen? Not sure how to store them? The answer for your Instant Pot storage solution is an Instant Pot Cart

I first got this cart when I only had one Instant Pot and immediately found out that it was the perfect storage solution for my small kitchen. When I purchased my 3 quart Instant Pot I was happily surprised that it fit on the bottom shelf with the lid removed. 

Instant pots and appliances can take up valuable counter space. I like my counters to not only look tidy but be functional. Switching over to the cart allows this. Not having a large pantry or extra cabinet space in my house made it tricky with not only owning one pressure cooked but two. 

Make sure to check if it’s available in your store they sell out often. Best option is to buy online and pick up in store.

Buy the cart here.

Instant Pot Cart

Can you cook while the Instant Pot is on the cart?

Yes! And if you are short like me it puts the pressure cooker below counter height which allows me to see into the pot while cooking. Only cook on the top shelf. The plug on the 6 quart has no issues plugging in. I have not personally cooked with the 8 quart on the cart. 

Instant Pot Cart

Will it fit the 8 quart Instant Pot?

Yes the 8 quart also fits on the top shelf. I have seen in facebook groups modifications to the cart upon assembling that allows you to store both a 6 quart and an 8 quart by not adding the middle shelf. I have not tried this myself but it is worth mentioning. 

I use my middle rack to store ingredients that I use the most or accessories that I have purchased over the years. 

Why would you own multiple Instant Pots?

I own both the 6 quart duo and the 3 quart Instant Pot. Why? I loved my 6 quart so much and I found myself making meals that I often served over rice and quinoa. I would make those on the stove but the 3 quart has been a game changer. I love how easy it is to make sides. Because it is smaller it comes to pressure quicker. Since I am cooking for one I often times will make smaller dishes in it or meat. 

Now I love my 6 quart duo. It is my most used machine. Perfect size for almost everything. But I do love making soups and often find myself right on that max line. Which make the 8 quart tempting to buy with the amount of soups I make. It’s definitely on the wish list. 

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