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Ikea Domsjo Farmhouse Sink 1 Year Review

Thoughts on my IKEA Domsjo farmhouse apron sink one year later.

It has been over a year since we installed the Ikea Domsjo farmhouse sink. I can’t even believe it. I thought I would come on here and give you guys my opinion of the sink after using it for over a year. 

So if you haven’t seen my DIY kitchen renovation you can catch up here and see how we installed the farmhouse sink here

Now when I first moved into this house I had a black sink. It looked like the previous owners had never cleaned it. The black just showed EVERYTHING. I was even convinced black was just a terrible choice for a sink (until I saw Maureen’s Blanco farmhouse sink here). I knew I wanted a farmhouse sink. I had my eye on a stainless steel apron front but the price tag was just too steep. I decided to listen to my wallet and go to Ikea. The Domsjo sink fit my cabinet width perfectly we just had to modify my original base cabinet. The sink was only $299 which was over $1000 less than the one that I had really wanted and I had to listen to my budget! 

I thought I could answer some commonly asked questions I get and also tell you how it is holding up. I am not affiliated in anyway with IKEA nor was I paid for this post. 

Did you have to modify your existing cabinets and add support?

Yes, we cut the front of the cabinet to make room for the apron front and we did add some bracing for support. You can read about it here. What I did love about this sink is that I COULD use the existing cabinet where most other apron front sinks we would have had to purchase a new base cabinet. My cabinet was 36 inches and the sink with the overhang on the countertop was 37 inches. We also liked that when installing the countertops we did not have to make a cut out for the sink. The sink sits on top of the counters and we did seal where the two meet with silicone. 

What kind of garbage disposal do you have?

I’ve gotten many questions about the garbage disposal. We did not have any trouble installing ours with this sink. My dad and I installed it in just an afternoon. It’s the Moen GXS75C GX Series 3/4 Horsepower Garbage Disposal.  Apparently some farmhouse sinks the porcelain can crack with a garbage disposal. I use my disposal multiple times a day and no sign of cracking but I would do your research beforehand.  Read more about the garbage disposal here.

Is it hard to keep clean?

My biggest complaint would have to be these ridges. I have to keep a toothbrush under the sink and clean it daily if not every other day. It collects everything especially dish soap. I am very happy with my purchase and decision to go with this sink but I really wish they made a version with a flat back. I think it’s supposed to be an area to maybe dry your dishes or sponges. 

The sink does show a lot. I am not one to clean my sink daily. I decided to not only show you guys the beautiful photos but also the real photos of what shows up. This was probably after a few days of dishes in the sink. I live alone so don’t judge it takes a few days to have a sink full of dishes. I would suggest cleaning your sink daily and then about once a week I clean it with bar keepers friend or on the tough spots a magic eraser.


  • Cost
  • Ease of installation
  • How big it is
  • Hasn’t cracked
  • Hasn’t scratched
  • Hasn’t stained
  • Statement piece. This is always the biggest compliment and conversation starter when someone sees my kitchen for the first time.


  • Must clean it daily
  • The rigged back of the sink collects everything.
  • Easy to chip dishes

If I was every redoing another kitchen I would definitely consider this sink again especially for it’s price. If you are looking for the farmhouse look but on a budget it is a great solution. I will try to update this post through the years if there are any issues that might arise. Don’t forget to check out my full kitchen renovation here

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