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Today is the day. I am no longer in my twenties. Jeez that was hard to say. It’s funny because I still feel like I just finished up high school or college. I don’t feel like this adult that I apparently am. I thought we could do something fun today where you get to know me a little bit more.  So how about 30 things you may have not known about me.

  1. I am a cat lady. I have two beautiful but crazy cats. Dora is my anxious scardy cat and Zoey is my crazy into everything, sour but sweet cat. I often call her a sour patch kid because she reminds me so much of the commercial. You cannot stay mad at her.
  2. I had a goal to break the millennial stereotype and buy a house on my own before I turned thirty. I did this when I was 28 and this is one of my proudest accomplishments to date.
  3. I grew up in a really small town in Massachusetts. People joke that Plainville is Massachusetts’s version of Pleasantville.
  4. I had a quarter life crisis and moved to Savannah, GA for two years. Those two years were the best decision I ever made.
  5. I’m an aunt.
  6. I always said I wanted to live 5 different places before I settled down and decided where I wanted to plant my roots. I’ve lived in Boston, London, Savannah, France and Rhode Island. Before settling down about 10 minutes from where I grew up.
  7. I love to learn. I have two degrees and would be a perpetual student if student loans weren’t so dang expensive.
  8. Weekend Craft started as a hobby to show my family and friends how I made things I was selling at craft shows.
  9. I am a graphic designer who designs specifically social content as my 9-5.
  10. I have a fear of frogs and toads.  
  11. I grew up always having to share my birthday. My sister is the 9th, I’m the 11th and now my sister in law is the 13th. #GeminiPower
  12. I read my horoscope every day.
  13. I don’t believe in psychics.
  14. I’m a redhead that’s crazy afraid of going white.
  15. My favorite movie is When Harry Met Sally.
  16. I’ve had to speak in front of 2,500 people more than once.
  17. On my 14th birthday my dad drove me to the grocery store and got me a job. I worked there for 5 years.
  18. I graduated with a 4.0 from graduate school and it was one of the most challenging things I ever did.
  19. I worked at Restoration Hardware in college. Which helped influence my style. Man I wish I had that 40% off discount now.
  20. My least favorite thing about owning a home is plumbing. Still bitter from replacing my sewer line for $6,000.
  21. Favorite thing about owning a home is not having a landlord.
  22. I may appear organized but I am not! It’s actually my achilles heel.
  23. I am passionate about power tools
  24. Favorite power tool? My new Ryobi Airstrike brad nailer. Bye bye pancake compressor.
  25. Favorite craft supply? My Cricut!
  26. Most wanted craft supply right now? Heat Press. I have never tried HTV!
  27. Career goals? To become a creative director or blog full time.
  28. Favorite flower? Do succulents count? No then tulips or daffodils.
  29. I am a reality TV junkie. Anything from Real Housewives of anywhere to Survivor. My only cable package requirement is that it has Bravo.
  30. Favorite thing about my 20’s. Is travelling and moving alone really helped me find who I was and develop a personal and design style.

Thank you all for celebrating with me! Here’s to the next thirty years. Can’t wait to see what life brings me. 

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About Michelle Beaton

Welcome to Weekend Craft. Life is busy so I am all about getting projects done on the weekend, whether it be crafts, DIY, home decor, or crafting with your Cricut.

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  1. That picture is darling, Michelle! I liked getting to know you better here. Happy Birthday! (I would just have to sign back my paycheques to Restoration Hardware if I worked there!)