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My cat has separation anxiety and this is how we are dealing with it. Tips on how to manage your cats anxiety.

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Meet Zoey and Dora! They are polar opposites. Zoey is rambunctious, playful, attached to me like glue and loves ice cubes. Dora as a kitten was the explorer but slowly grew into my scaredy cat. Rarely does a guest see her but when it’s just a 3 of us she is right beside me on the couch or sharing a pillow when we sleep.

Almost 2 years ago I went away on a longer vacation than usual and Zoey got sick. She wasn’t acting the same, had stomach issues, urinating in places that smelled like me, excessive meowing and my friendly cat didn’t seem to respond well to anyone that wasn’t me. We went to the vet several times and it turns out she has separation anxiety. She is the friendliest of cats to me but she doesn’t know how to cope with others, especially people who have watched her, are around. She wants to be center of attention but then all the sudden gets panic’d I might leave and then hisses. Two minutes later she will be rubbing up against you.

It seems to be really stressful on both of us but we are managing. So what are we doing to manage?

  • We established a routine

  • More play time

  • High places make cats feel safe. I got her a cat tree

  • Consistent person that will watch her while I am away for extended periods

Purina One 28 Day Challenge

Health is very important to part of this process as well as routine. Which is why we decided to take the Purina 28 day challenge. What I love about Purina One is that every ingredient has a purpose with no added fillers or artificial flavors. It’s also made in USA and has a mix of vitamins and minerals designed to bring balanced nutrition, support a healthy immune system and promote a shiny, healthy coat. From eyes to energy to skin and coat, every ingredient is combined in a smart way to make a noticeable difference in your pet’s whole body health.

We started our 28 Day Challenge by heading to Target. Target is a part of my weekly routine so while I was buying some home decor pieces and maybe a snack I was able to head over to the pet section and find Purina ONE® True Instinct Natural Grain Free With Real Chicken Dry Cat Food.

Purina ONE® True Instinct Natural Grain Free With Real Chicken Dry Cat Food

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Purina One® 28 Day Challenge Results

We started this Challenge in September and just made it through 28 days last week and here is what I have noticed with both Zoey and Dora. Right off the bat the cats loved the taste. Now I am a creature of habitat so my cats have only ever had one type of food other than kitten food their whole life. Well they found out what they had been missing they dove right in. It must have been the real chicken. Now energy is an important part of Zoey’s life and around two weeks in I saw her energy start to improve. Not only was she playing when I normally will play with her but I often found her on her own playing with toys or carrying them around the house. The biggest difference I saw at the end of the 28 days was both cats fur was shiny and felt a great deal softer than their every day coat.

For more Purina ONE® inspiration click here.Have a dog and want to do the Purina One® 28 Day Challenge. Check out these out.

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  1. First off…what beauties! Second, we have a dog with Separation Anxiety…it’s a real thing and breaks my heart every time I need to leave her. Our girl, Flora, has a sister cat that I do believe helps alleviate the stress, as she is not home alone.Thanks for your insight about the 28 day challenge…might be worth investigating for both of my girls.
    Hugs, Lynn

  2. Will have to give the 28 day challenge a try. Your babies are beautiful! My two are getting up in age and I definitely want to be giving them the best and most nutritious food to keep them healthy and happy!

  3. Pretty girls!! I totally have a cat with separation anxiety as well and it also was triggered by when we left him for a week to go on a cruise. Even though my mother in law spoiled him, he was depressed the whole time. Broke my heart! Because of that I think he worries a lot it will happen again. You could try leaving pillows you have slept on or something else that smells like you with her, there’s this cute heart shaped pillow called the comfort cuddler where you put a piece of your clothing inside so it smells like you. And cat condos are life changing, I’m sure she’s loving hers!! 😊

    1. Man our cats just love us too much! But I wouldn’t want it any other way. I will have to try your pillow trick.

  4. I’ll have to try this with my cat Lily, she was so upset when I left for college that she went from a quiet but happy, playful cat to a withdrawn cat who liked to pee on my pillow whenever I wasn’t home. One time I even left my laptop out on my desk and she peed right on the keyboard! Things have gotten better since I graduated from college and brought her home to live with me but she still has issues any time I leave for vacation some 7 years later. I’ll have to give Purina a try and see if it helps get her back in the groove. Zoey and Dora are beautiful… here’s to hoping Zoey gets back on track soon!

    1. Oh poor sweet Lily she just loves you so much. I find getting zoey to have more energy and spending time playing with her 3 or more times a day has been surprisingly helpful. Also she loves her cat tree being up high makes her happy and feel safe.

  5. You are such a good fur mama, these girls have a wonderful home. I love that you saw such great results with the 28 day challenge, they seem happy!

    1. Thanks Sarah! They really are my babies. They truly make my house a home I don’t know what I would do without them