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One of my friends at work recently had her baby boy, Finn, but before she did we threw her a fun baby shower at the office. Now throughout her entire pregnancy she referred to her little nugget as bunny. So naturally we threw her a bunny themed baby shower! Work showers tend to be a bit different then your regular showers, you schedule a conference room for an hour and there is usually a cake. Now do you all think I could just do that? No! Even a work baby shower has to be special, maybe just with less games. 

So where to start?

  • Choose a theme then a color scheme and stick with it.  Think about the person throwing the shower and make it personal. For instance do they already have a theme for the nursery?
  • You can’t do everything on your own. Assign food to coworkers and if your a control freak like me tell them you’ll handle decorations. 
  • Find a conference room that has a nice area to decorate. Don’t try to decorate the whole room, choosing a main focal point will make you less stressed and in the end be more impactful. 
  • Try to keep it a surprise but don’t schedule it too close to her due date. 
  • New moms get a ton of gifts at their family baby showers. Pool money for a giftcard to Target or Babies R Us so she can use it on items she may not have received or diapers down the road. 
  • A great shower is all about the details.

I pulled out my Silhouette and got to work. Once you make one banner you will need one for every event coming up. The key to making a banner is to not choose a phrase that is too long. Also create a design pendant to separate words. In this instance the spacers were bunnies. These bunnies along with the patterned paper were used throughout the shower. Something also to consider is make a banner that they might want to hang in the nursery at home. Same with centerpieces. You don’t want to put all that work into decorations for them to be discarded. 

Now let’s face it everything looks fancier on tiers. I bought these food servers at a local discount store (Christmas Tree Shop) and they make any table look elegant. At office parties your try to keep the food small like finger foods or petite fours and trust me this makes clean up a breeze. 

Here’s where the details come in now you have the food and the banner but you don’t want the table to look bare. By adding small centerpieces 3 or 4 it will really tie everything together. Now who doesn’t love pinwheels? And they are not hard to make at all. For full instructions hop over to Dr. Seuss Pinwheels in 15 minutes or less. These centerpieces would also be very cute for Easter decorations. Accenting the chevron and recycle paper we set everything atop a burlap chevron table runner. 

Finally to tie the theme all in I made bunny cupcake toppers. Using the same bunny design that was used through out I cut 24 bunnies on the silhouette out of cardstock scrapbook paper. Taking a toothpick I adhered it to the back of the bunny with hot glue. (Tip: Make sure all the bunnies are facing the same way when you start to glue). 

The shower was a huge hit and didn’t take to much prep work to pull it off. I hope this was helpful to spark some ideas for your office parties or baby showers. 

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  1. I love how you made the nickname for the baby the theme of the shower. You are right about these decorations being great for Easter too! I hope the very huge flat screen TV was a baby gift? 😉

  2. Everything is so adorable, Michelle! Love the bunny banner and the other bunny details you used throughout 🙂