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Along with an ugly sweater party my work is also having a Christmas cookie contest. Now I am naturally competitive it runs in my family. Don’t get me started on our family game nights! A few years back my sister had made melted snowman cookies for Christmas and I knew these would be perfect for the contest. Also any excuse to go to my sisters to bake is a welcomed one. Now I don’t want to cheat so I did not ask my sister to make these I just asked for her guidance. 

To start out make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and if you don’t have one it can be a box or a bag. There’s no shame when they are this decked out! 


Frosting is more of a feeling than a recipe

— Jennifer Marciello



Frosting Recipe
3 tbsp meringue powder
1 pound of confectionary sugar
6 tbsp of warm water

Turn on the mixer on low and add the warm water tablespoon by tablespoon.

After a few minutes turn the mixer off and pour the frosting into a small bowl. 

In order to “flood” the cookie the frosting needs to be the correct thickness. Add tablespoons of warm water until it passes the 5 second test. When the frosting is drizzled from above it should disappear or sink into the bowl of within 5 seconds. 

Pour the frosting into an icing bottle. This makes the frosting easier to control. 

Now it’s time to flood the cookie with frosting. Start by outlining the cookie and filling in the center. Then use the tip of the icing bottle to spread the frosting. 

Use a toothpick to pop any air bubbles. 

About every six cookies you want to add a marshmallow while the icing is still wet. Spray a microwave safe dish with cooking spray and add marshmallows to your plate. Microwave the marshmallows at 10 second increments until they are slightly melted. DO NOT microwave them for too long they will explode. 

Add the marshmallow or the snowman’s head to the cookie and continue frosting the rest of your batch. 

Now you will want gel frosting for the eyes, mouth and arms (black), nose (orange) and buttons. 

Now it may take a few test tries (always make a few extra cookies). Start by drawing the eyes and mouth then the arms. Next add the nose and buttons. Be sure to let the frosting dry before moving the cookies. 

As for facial expressions of the snowmen we like to mix it up. From sad to shocked to the confused happy snowman. Make sure you capture every emotion. 

I hope you enjoy these melted snowmen cookies and wish me luck! I will let you know if we win!

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  1. These are so fun! I love using royal icing, you can do so many things with it. Thanks for sharing at On Display Thursday! Join us again tomorrow morning!-Leia @ Eat It & Say Yum