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Guys I have a slight problem and I will admit it. I have fallen victim to the pallet trend and I am not sorry. I constantly have a never ending supply of pallet boards in my basement (thanks dad!). I make a lot of pallet signs there I’ve said it! But you know what? These projects always seem to be the most popular and I enjoy making them. So instead of apologizing I am doing the exact opposite. I’ve gathered up 15 awesome DIY Pallet Projects from some of my favorite DIYers. Everything from how to disassemble a pallet to making shelving or even a raised garden or a planter. 

So where can you find these pallets? Craigslist, Facebook yard sale groups, even just ask around. Know anyone that works in a warehouse? Sometimes you can even ask your hardware store they might have a pile laying around out back that they’re looking to get rid of. Afraid that once you get the pallets you won’t have the power tools it takes to dismantle it?

How to disassemble a pallet without powertools

Update: I was told about two other products that make dismantling a pallet easy and don’t require power tools. Pallet Buster and Deck Wrecker (affiliate links). Now they are a bit more expensive than a crow bar and a hammer but are worth checking out if you are going to be taking apart pallets a lot. 

Where the Wild Things Are Pallet Sign 

Pallet Wood Hearts from Pennies into Pearls

DIY Pallet Signs

Fjell Wardrobe Ikea hack with pallet shelves from The Thinking Closet

I am so crafty I sweat glitter Pallet Sign

How to make and install pallet book shelves
from Where the Smiles Have Been

DIY Zip Code Pallet Sign

Tips and Tricks for working with Pallet Wood from The Thinking Closet

DIY Zip Code Pallet Sign

Teacher Appreciation Gift Class Birthdays
from My Paper Craze

Pallet Clock from Two It Yourself

DIY Home Pallet Sign from At Home with Sweet T

DIY Flower Planters with Free Plans
from A Turtles Life for Me

DIY Raised Garden Bed from Jade Louise Designs

DIY Mini Pallet from Ribbons and Glue

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