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Guys I am so excited to share with you a new staining technique I have taught myself. I am partnering with Wayfair today to show you how to dye wood. Thats right dye! I saw this technique used at a conference I attended several month ago and knew I had to try it. 

When Wayfair sent me this Maginnis Table, as part of the DIY By My Side project, I knew this was a perfect project for it. 

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The Maginnis end table comes unfinished so it is a great piece to put your stamp on to match any room. So as you guys may know my favorite color is teal. It makes it into any room of my home. Even if I am trying to do something different it somehow sneaks its way in there. So two guesses what color this table will be.  


What you’ll need

Let’s get started. First off put on your gloves, this dye will stain your hands for days. I can atest to that I still have stain on my hands from cleaning up! Once your gloves are on open the dye and pour a small amount into your disposable container. 

I’ve decided that this will be a two toned table so I start to tape off points that will intersect to protect the shelf from getting dye on it. 

Now any time I am using an unfamiliar material I always test it out. Taking my sponge brush I saturated it with dye. Turning the table upside down I started to paint the dye on the underside of the table. 

Let the dye absorb for a few seconds and then wipe it away with a rag. As soon as I started wiping it away I was smitten! Why have I never used dye before?! The result is absolutely stunning.

Continue to use the sponge brush and rag on your entire table. My tip would to be do this is sections. You don’t want the dye to sit too long on the wood because it will start to dry and form a coating. 

Once you have dyed the table I let it dry overnight before I started painting the shelf.  Now I am not sure if this is necessary but I always err on the safe side.

For the shelf I wanted something fun and to pop. Since the table is already do vibrant I decided to use a metallic gold paint. I picked up DecoArt’s Metallics line because the paint has a bit of a sheen and shimmer to it. 

I painted two coats of this on the shelf. Letting time to dry in between coats. 

Before I was done I got an idea to add a little more detail to the table. Soliciting some thoughts on Instagram we decided to paint the detailing of the table gold also. I taped this off with painters table and painted 3 coats of the metallic gold. 

Once the paint dried overnight I put a clear coat on everything. I just used a polycrylic. I absolutely love how this came out. I love that you can still see the grain of the wood through the dye and I also love the modern contrast of the metallic. 

I actually think I have a few more projects I could use dye for. How great wood a pallet sign be with this dye! 

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  1. This is unfinished wood right? So I’d have to strip or sand finish off my table before staining?I love the way this looks!

    1. Yes! I believe this would only work on raw would. Sanding would definitely need to happen to get this look.