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For me planning parties has always been about the details. Without the details there is just food and drinks. I always ask myself what will make this memorable? Recently I threw a Fall themed housewarming party tying in the theme with the colors purple and orange. This is also a great project to keep in mind when setting your table for Thanksgiving.

I seem to have an endless supply of mason jars on hand I got these widemouth jars on sale during the summer for .99 each. The widemouth ring makes them perfect as vases. 

I grabbed a sample can of orange paint off my shelf (just regular latex opps paint from Lowes less than $1). I have a slight paint addiction, so for just about any project I already have the color I need sitting in my basement.  Which is not a bad problem to have. 

Here is a trick I use when painting mason jars. 

1. ) Slip your hand into the mason jar and hold (in the position above). This allows you 365 degree access while painting. Place the mason jar down on the news print and then paint the mouth of the jar once the rest of the mason jar has been painted.

2.) You don’t need to paint the bottom of the jar,  just paint to the flat ring. This allows for easier drying. 

A great test to see how many coats you need is to hold the jar to the light. If the jar seems transparent and streaky you may want to add another coat.

I suggest two coats of paint always allowing the first coat to dry completely. If your like me you may be impatient and want to paint the second coat right away. Either move on to another project or distract yourself. For me I decided since I already had paint and brushes out I would paint the pots that my succulents were in. 

The results are absolutely stunning. The vases were the statement pieces this party needed. They really tied in the theme and were a perfect accent to the table linens. I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial and don’t forget to swing by my housewarming party! 

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  1. Love painted mason jars! An instant statement piece! Thank you for linking them to our Outside [The] Link party! Hope to see you there again next Tuesday!