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How to decorate with your Rae Dunn ceramics for Easter. Incorporate your everyday Rae Dunn with your spring decor and add in some Easter Rae Dunn.  

Easter is early this year so it’s an excuse to get out my Spring decor even when it’s still snowing outside! Now we all know I love Rae Dunn so I thought I would dress up my everyday Rae Dunn collection and sprinkle in a few new Spring pieces.

So what’s Rae Dunn?

Rae Dunn is a pottery or ceramics that is imperfect in shape and have large letter words on the pottery. It is a big trend in the farmhouse decor world. The pottery is designed by an artist name Rae Dunn who licensed her designs to a company called Magenta. They are sold exclusively to TJX stores such as TJMaxx, Marshalls, Homegoods and Homesense. 

So cool, you think you can just hop on over to TJX and buy them…. nope. This pottery is elusive and has a cult following. Which leads to upsellers who clear shelves to sell for a profit on ebay, mercari and facebook. If you are an upseller feel free to stop reading, there’s no place for you on my site. Now that we have that out of the way how is my collection growing? Am I at the stores everyday? No but maybe once a week or every other week. I am fortunate enough that I joined some local facebook groups that allow you to trade items and only sell items at retail price. The majority of my collection is from these lovely ladies.

DO NOT BUY FROM UPSELLERS. There are other ways. If people keep buying they will keep clearing shelves. Sorry for the PSA.

How to decorate your everyday Rae Dunn collection for Easter.

Now it didn’t take a lot of time or money to transition from everyday to easter decor. I added easter egg garland from Michaels, small bunny figurines and eggs from Hobby Lobby, some spring florals to my olive bucket and some cute bunny salt and pepper shakers that I had from years prior. See how I decorated for Christmas with Rae Dunn here

Creating Vignettes

The key to styling shelves is to create vignettes or groupings within your shelves. I like to play with layering like adding a small pitcher filled with eggs on top of stacked plates or the teapot on top of the scale. You can also play with containers for example putting canisters and a cutting board in a wire basket. This creates dimension and depth as well as focal points. Also creating these vignettes are important if you are photographing…everything for the gram right πŸ˜‰

Add some greenery or floral

Adding greenery or buying some new florals is a cheap way to make your shelves feel different each season. You can add it as garland to the shelves or in pitchers, planters or even the spoon, fork, knife holders. It’s a great way to add color to your display. Now if only I could see my grass under all this snow. 

How to hang or display Rae Dunn platters and ovals. 

Now I love using my platters when I have company over but I also love the way they look up on the wall. I can’t believe I never thought of hanging ovals before. I used these hangers for ovals and these for platters. This can be done in a row or you could incorporate them into a gallery wall.

Most importantly put your own stamp on it and have fun. I decorate for myself because it makes me happy and it’s my passion. Even if I am not hosting or no one comes over to see it. I love the challenge of using what I have and curating some new seasonal pieces. I also love mixing in colors with traditional farmhouse decor. 

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    1. Thanks Kaila. The greenery garland on the shelves is from hobby lobby, in the spoon knife fork holder it’s from ikea and the terra cotta pots are from Christmas Tree shop.