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My favorite Fall trend plus size shackets. 

Plus size Shacket

Plus size shackets the latest Fall trend that has emerged. It is a caught between a coat and a flannel shirt. The shacket. Shackets are popping up everywhere. I am going to share some of my favorites. 

What is a shacket?

A shacket is an oversized plus size flannel shirt. It’s thicker than a shirt yet thinner than your coat. It’s perfect for a crisp Fall day without the bulk over a coat. A shacket is perfect for layering. 

This trend reminds me a bit of shopping in the men’s department. I have actually been buying my dad shackets for years for work. Not surprising this trend comes from the 90s grunge culture. 

I do have to say that shackets remind me of watching Rosanne. It must just be the amount of flannel that appeared on that show in the 90s. 

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How to wear a shacket

A shacket is meant to be layered. Layer it over a tshirt on a sixty degree day or on a crisp Fall night throw it over your hoodie. Shacket’s are casual and not meant to be dressed up. But hey if you want to throw it over a solid cotton dress what’s stopping you?

Here are some of my favorite plus size shackets

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