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What Can Be Put Down the Garbage Disposal?

Let’s talk about what shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal. Also a free printable cheat sheet of what you can and can’t put down your garbage disposal. 

Garbage disposals aren’t glamorous to talk about but let’s face it I never want to have a kitchen without one. While I was renovating my kitchen Moen was kind enough to send me a garbage disposal for my new farmhouse sink.  I was super excited about this because my current garbage disposal wasn’t in the best shape. It was a combination of the old owners and user error on my behalf. Mainly coffee grounds. I had no idea that coffee grounds were bad for garbage disposals. Coffee grounds can build up in the drain pipes and eventually clog your pipes. 

I’ve decided to gather some research as to what to put down your garbage disposal and what not to put down your garbage disposal. In no way am I an expert but these are just suggestions and what I have learned throughout the years. 

What shouldn’t go in a garbage disposal


  • Grease
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Egg Shells
  • Bones
  • Vegetable Peels
  • Pasta or Rice
  • Oil
  • Stringy and fibrous vegetables 
  • Pits or Seeds 
  • Any Non Food Items

What’s ok to go down the garbage disposal?


  • Cooked Meats
  • Citrus (lemons are my trick to fight smell)
  • Bread
  • Cooked Veggies
  • Fruit (without pits and seeds)
  • Small Food Scraps (table scraps)
  • Liquids
  • Ice Cubes
  • Cold Water (run cold water before/during/after use)

Now when Moen came to me I did not really know the difference between garbage disposals. Did you know the higher the horsepower the wider the variety of food it can grind? The Vortex motor allows to disposal to immediately operate at full speed. Moen disposals have a magnet motor that helps reduce jamming. 

View Moens full Garbage Disposal line here.

I’ve created a quick reference sheet or cheat sheet of what can and can’t go down the disposal. Click the link below to download this garbage disposal cheet sheet to hang on your fridge. 

Click here to download your garbage disposal cheat sheet.

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