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Move over butter boards we’re making compound butter. Here’s four easy recipes for flavored butter both sweet and savory options.

compound butter

Compound butter is seriously underrated. It’s essentially homemade flavored butter. It’s so easy to make and elevates so many recipes or baked goods. I’ve been thinking a lot about butter lately. It’s because butter boards have gone viral. While I love flavored butter I couldn’t help but wonder what’s a better way to make a butter board that doesn’t seem gross. The answer is a compound butter board.

What is compound butter?

Compound butter is seasoned or flavored butter. It’s usually unsalted butter creamed together with other ingredients such as herbs, spices or fruits. From sweet butters to enjoy with baked goods or savory butter for meats and vegetables. The flavor combinations are endless. The key to flavored butter is simple ingredients.

Speaking of butter. Have you every tried a butter rub on your turkey? This herb butter turkey rub is my not so secret recipe for a moist and flavorful turkey.

Serving bagels at your next breakfast or brunch? Try making one of these cream cheese boards.

Compound Butter Recipes

Four compound butter recipes to make for your next brunch. Sweet or savory? Honestly you don't have to choose. Compound butter is so easy to make just make all the flavors and put them on a butter board for your next gathering.

Why use unsalted butter?

With a flavored butter you want to be able to control the amount of salt. All butter is delicious butter but unsalted is preferred. When adding salt I like to use Himalayan pink sea salt or a flaky salt.

How to make compound butter

Add softened butter to a small bowl. Mix until smooth. Add in your sweet or savory ingredients. Mix until combined. Optional- You can also use a food processor or stand mixer to mix your butter.

Once combined lay out a piece of plastic wrap on a cutting board. Shape your butter into a log or tube like shape in the center of the plastic wrap. Wrap the plastic wrap tightly around it and twist the ends like a tootsie roll. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight until it firms up.

Slice butter and pair with steak, baked goods, use as a sauce or took cook with depending on the butter flavor.

How to Make Hot Honey Butter

How to store compound butter

You can store homemade strawberry butter for up to 7 days. Store in an airtight container

Can your freeze butter?

Yes, you can freeze compound butter. Butter freezes surprisingly well. It will keep up to 2 months in an airtight container. Tightly wrap the butter in plastic wrap and then store it in a freezer bag.

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