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Tip Tuesday will be a new blog series on Weekend Craft. Sharing tips that we have discovered over the years or sought out from other crafters and DIYers. We hope that this will be a recurring post on Tuesdays maybe even every other Tuesday depending on how well you like it!

I have had this can of Valspar chalkboard paint for probably over a year. I use it for everything I am addicted to chalkboards and the 9.99 can goes pretty far. That being said you can see I have not been very neat with the can. I actually can’t even get the lid back on and I still have half a can left. 

I also hate how this can looks every time I post a tutorial. I swear I’m not normally this messy. I asked around on a group on Facebook and was given a few tips. 

Loving the look of mason jars, since I buy them in bulk, this was a great solution. Some of the other tip I received was a screw top gladware container and reusing plastic orange juice containers. 

I just poured the paint into the mason jar using a brush to control it and keep it clean. Make sure to wipe the rim clean before putting the lid on. 

I love this so much I might do all of my paints just so the can sit up on a shelf. What is it about mason jars that just make everything look so amazing and it is almost effortless? Feel free to leave a note in the comments letting us know what you think of Tip Tuesday.


Also Weekend Craft has been featured on instructables this month and we have entered a contest. Click here to vote for the Elf Quote Vinyl Sign! 


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