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So if you have been following me on instagram or even Facebook you have probably noticed… I am addicted to oops paint. I cannot walk into Home Depot or Lowes without coming out with some, whether it be a gallon, quart or a sample jar. So here is the scoop did you know that Home Depot oops paint is cheaper than Lowe’s? (Or at least in Massachusetts).

Price Comparison

               HD      Lowes

Gallon    7.00       10.00

Quart     2.00         5.00

Sample    .50          1.00

This can depend on the area that you are shopping in or the extent of “damage” to the oops paint but almost always Home Depot is cheaper. But Lowes always has more of an opps paint selection than the Home Depot near my house. That being said a gallon of paint is $24-38 this can really save you a lot. If you find a gallon you really like but it would take two gallons to paint the room ask them to color match a second can. You still saved the cost of the first can.

I have even been lucky enough to sometimes score oops paint for free at Home Depot because it was not a full gallon. I think just about every room in my house has been painted with an opps color. Its a great way to keep you on budget when renovating or doing projects. Tip: Always get your Opps Paint shaken before leaving the store. You don’t know how long it has been sitting on the shelf. 

Recently I’ve had to find storage for all my oops paint because it was just taking over. Here is a glimpse at probably half my collection. Don’t ask how many of those are a variation of teal! >_<

Hope you found this helpful and informative or at the least I make you feel better about the amount of opps paint your hoarding. 

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