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The wallpaper that almost made me give up. I have been so excited about my new living room/craft room. Now I live in an apartment above my parents garage (just moved back from GA after grad school they’re helping me get on my feet). I was excited when my dad offered me this second room we would just have to declutter since it had sort of become the attic overflow the last couple of years. I thought that was the hard part but I was mistaken.

Once we declutter the room it was time to scrape wallpaper. This was the hardest wallpaper to scrape that I have ever encountered. It took almost 2 days to scrape and it is only below the chair rail. The wallpaper seemed to have been stuck to the sheet rock and instead of peeling off in strips only small pieces of the top layer would come off at a time. Hot water was not enough nor was boiling water. I called a friend who recently bought a house that had almost every room wallpapered. Her advice was priceless! Add vinegar to the boiling water.

Not only did I add the vinegar I also went out and purchase a wallpaper scoring tool. The combination of these two were my saving grace, without them I would have gave up and called it quits!

After that the wallpaper started coming off in strips….well at least the top part. After telling this story to a few people someone else suggested instead of vinegar to use dollar store fabric softener. Works just as well but smells nicer. I’m hoping to not have to scrape wallpaper for a very long time but I will keep that in mind. 

I’m so excited to finally be on the way to having a second living space and craft room. I finally have some paint on the wall and can’t wait to unveil it soon!

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  1. Oh heck…you are good. I would have just left it. Ah to be young and have the energy and PATIENCE! can’t wait to see the final room.

    ~ Shelley