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I’m thrilled to be partnering with Dollar Tree to share their special Anniversary Event Bonus Buys with you! 

This week is Dollar Tree’s Anniversary CelebrationDollar Tree’s Anniversary Celebration features Bonus Buys with up to 58% more for FREE with each item, and they’re still only $1 each. So not only can you stop by and get everything that you need for Halloween but you can also stock up on cleaning supplies and everyday household items.

With Dollar Tree being so close and having just moved it was my go to spot for cleaning supplies. Those are the items that if you stock up on at big box stores will add up and break the bank!

Here are some of the items you can stock up on during the event. 

Bonus Buy Cleaning Supplies include:

        40-oz. Bottles of L.A.’s Totally Awesome® Window Cleaner
•     128-oz. Jugs of L.A.’s Totally Awesome® Ammonia
        40-oz. Bottles of Mister Plumber Drain Opener
        48-oz. Bottles of Pine Glo® Disinfectant Cleaner
        24-ct. Canisters of Good & Clean® Disinfectant Wipes
        25-ct. Packs of Wet Floor Wipes
        3-ct. Packs of Scrub Sponges 

Many of your brand-name favorites are available for a limited time in larger sizes, but are STILL only $1 each. From cleaning supplies and home décor, to health and beauty care, snacks, beverages, and so much more, Dollar Tree stores will be packed with super savings. The Bonus Buys are available between September 28 – October 11, 2014.

While you’re in your local Dollar Tree store shopping for Bonus Buys, stock up on Halloween décor, candy, costume accessories, and more. It’s all $1 each! Check out these Halloween Treat bags and printable tags that will help you stand apart from my neighbors’. 

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  1. I’m definitely going to have to grab some of those disinfectant wipes for home and to donate to my children’s classes. I love the Halloween printable! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I live by disinfectant wipes! I can’t use them enough especially in the kitchen. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks I am still finishing up all my treat bags apparently we get a lot of kids in my neighborhood! Hope I don’t run out! I stocked up on cleaning supplies this weekend too!