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For me decorating your home is about the hunt. About collecting items over the years and layering your finds whether it be from Pottery Barn or a thrift shop. While one stop shopping is convenient it has the tendency to fall flat. That is why I am not the blogger to rush to put up my decor in the summer. I need to be inspired and that usually comes with either being in the season or find something I have been looking for that just propels me to decorate.

In this case it’s this beautiful hand painted dresser. Last week I was driving to a baby shower two states away from me when I got a call from a friend. Her aunt who has impeccable taste was having a moving sale. I frantically made my friend run around take pictures and scoop things up for me and I would come by the next day. When she saw this dresser she knew I would have to have it and she was right. 

I loaded this beauty up the next day in my small SUV and got her home and into the sunroom all on my own. I was determined. One of the things I as a bit sad about when I bought my house was that I didn’t have a mantel. I always pictured myself decorating a mantel for each holiday. So you know what this dresser is going to serve as my mantel. It is the first thing you see when you enter my house and I want it to not only reflect my personal style but also the season. 

Each year I add an item or two into my collection and this year it was this herringbone pumpkin from Target. I actually can’t wait to go back and check for them to go on clearance they had a whole collection. I like to mix fresh elements in I picked up both the indian corn and the pumpkins at my farmers market a few weeks ago. Simple things like stacking pumpkins goes along way to add some dimension and height to your decor. I grabbed this glass hurricane at a yard sale for $1 with some ornaments in it. The pumpkins just happened to fit perfectly. 

On a budget? One of the easiest things to do is establish a color scheme and then shop your house. The colors of this vignette were leaning orange, brown and gold. I incorporated this gold lamp that I already have and snatched up this owl string art that I had in my office. 

Since picking up this dresser I feel as though my sunporch is finally complete. I can’t wait to show you the rest of it later this week. If you would like a sneak peek head over to facebook and catch my facebook live video

It won’t be too long now until I have to take these down and decorate for Christmas. This year is just flying by. I can’t believe I have been in this house almost a year. I haven’t spent a Christmas in this house yet so I am excited to figure out where all my decorations go and to try out some new things. I am actually thinking about getting a second tree for this porch. I have always wanted two trees. I am thinking it would be where this chair is beside the dresser. What do you think?

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