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Recently I had a coworker ask me to create a custom order of something that she had found on etsy but it had disappeared. Now I have actually vinyl’d on a globe before so No biggie right?! 

This is a story about how weather can affect crafting. Disclaimer: sometimes it gets humid in New England!

So what I normally use to do this project is a vintage globe, my silhouette cameo, wide painters tape (like a 2 inch), Vinyl (Oracle 651) and a tape measurer/ruler. 

I create my design using Adobe Illustrator and sent it to Silhouette Connect software and set my machine to the Silhouette vinyl setting.

Now some of the vinyl lifted and it doesn’t look perfect but the pieced that we are going to use look just fine. (I hate wasting vinyl).

When I create a design I always try to incorporate a weed box. this makes it much easier to manage when weeding out large pieces of vinyl. 

Since transfer tape/paper is super sticky I have found in the past that blue painters tape does the trick! 

Well not this time! I didn’t take into account that I had always done these globes in the Winter or Spring not the humid Summer. It happened to be about 100 degrees and raining on this day and if you live in New England you know that central air is not really a common thing in houses built before the mid 90s. I believe this is why the globe tore. Can you say Global Warming! (pun intended!) But lucky for me I had a back up vintage globe. (Thank you Brimfield). 

So I didn’t dare try the painters tape again. I actually hand placed the vinyl (which was to difficult to photographer. Over all I love how the finished product and hearing how much the mom to be loved it, it was worth the struggle! 

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  1. Love your globe. I have never tackled a project like this on a curved surface. Because I live in FL I can say that I don’t think I could live without central air.

    1. I miss central air! Using vinyl on a curved surface can be difficult. Especially when you are hand laying the vinyl. Its hard to get it to line up just right but sometimes imperfections make the project even better!

  2. Michelle, this is the coolest!!! I’ve always wanted a globe, but now I really want a globe so I can adhere awesome sayings to it!!

    1. Thanks Emily! I love how this came out. I wish I could’ve kept it for myself. I need to search for a new globe but I do have an idea of what to do with the ripped globe. Stay tuned for that one!

  3. I have been absolutely obsessed with globes lately. I really want to find one that matches a color scheme in one of the bedrooms and maybe personalize it somehow. I saw a white one at TJ Maxx and now I completely regret not buying it. Sorry you had to work so hard at it, but the quote is really nice!

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks for the compliment. I actually have gotten out of etsy my life just got a little hectic. I no longer do custom orders but I am sure you can find someone that does custom vinyl on etsy. Just make sure to lay it down by hand and don’t use transfer type since the globe is paper. Best of luck!