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Christmas is in full swing here and I am excited to share with you my rustic Christmas tree. Now I have been collecting for this tree for almost three years and every year it gets more complete. For once I have chose a theme and stuck to it. So how did I stay on track and not veer off? I established a color story. If the ornament or decoration does not fall within that story it doesn’t make this tree (yes I have another tree). 

Color Story

So what’s my color story? Red, gold, burlap and also bringing in natural elements like wood and pine cones. Not only is there a color story but I also wanted to have a recurring theme that some of the ornaments can tie into each other and that is birds. You will find several bird houses and different types and color birds on the tree. 

Giving it that extra UMPH

Now it wasn’t until I started looking at tree display at high end stores and watching a few youtube videos did I realize what made some other trees just over the top spectacular. They were all using sprigs or spray that you would get at the craft store for your wreaths or garland. Why had I never thought of this?! In sticking with my theme I picked up about 10 sprigs of red berries at Joanns and started to add them to the tree after I had out on the ribbon and the ornaments. Filling in the spots that could use extra dimension and filler. 

The perfect topper

In my opinion finding the tree topper is the hardest part of decorating the tree. It is the statement piece of the whole tree. I searched high and low for a topper buying and returning half a dozen. I ended up finding this topper in a small boutique and it’s not even a tree topper. It is an over sized ornament that I retrofitted to fit the top of the tree and I couldn’t be happier with it. 

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  1. You must have locked kitty in another room for these shots. It has been a hoot watching that saga unfold. This tree is right up my alley. We don’t put a tree up because we never spend Christmas here but I love berries and burlap. Maybe a mini tree….