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A buffalo check Christmas tree. A beautiful way to turn your tree into a farmhouse Christmas tree. 

Buffalo check has been by obsession the past couple of years. In fact last year I also did a buffalo check Christmas tree. Growing up I always loved houses that had more than one Christmas tree. I knew when I bought this house part of my decorations was going to be to put a second tree on the sunporch. You can see it from the road and everyone comes through the side door into my house.

Did you guys see my latest buffalo check tree?! Check it out here.

Now I never do the same tree twice. I like to switch it up a bit and change out some ornaments every year. This year I wanted to incorporate black and white buffalo check. I had a hard time finding ornaments so I decided to make them. Check out how I made these with fabric here. I made 8 of them to really bring the black and white buffalo check to life.

Now I don’t go crazy with buying new each year. I just edit the ornaments I already own. So this year I choose to use reds, birds and ornaments with natural elements. Since this tree is almost outside I love having a woodsy feel. The ONLY thing that could make it better would be to get a flocked tree! Maybe next year. This mercury glass owl has been with me for years and is one of my favorite ornaments.

Now owls might be my favorite. I have a few of them on both trees. Infact my two year old nephew calls me auntie blue owl because of an owl I have out on my sunporch that is his favorite. I love these brush ornaments. The textures being some dimension to the tree. 

Years ago I bought several of these big flowers. They are perfect they dress the trees up and make them feel a bit more upscale or prominent. If I ever stray from burlap I will have to find something equally as stunning. 

Besides buffalo check do you sense a theme here? The birds on my tree remind me of the birds in my neighborhood. In the spring there is a hedge a cross the street from me that at least 100 birds live in. I spend my mornings on the sunporch eating breakfast listening to their song. 

The last thing that I do is add the pine cone sprigs. This year I did two different sizes to mix it up. It fills in any bare spots of an older tree and makes the tree look fuller. Also I didn’t but a tree skirt for out here I just got maybe two yards of burlap and tuck it around loosely. Now I would love to get another tree collar but maybe next year.  

Now here is the question! Any ideas on how I should switch it up next year? I like to purchase Christmas decor right after the season is over. That way I get all the best deals!

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