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Christmas Tree Collars and Baskets

Christmas tree collars and baskets an alternative for Christmas tree skirts.

Collage image of different Christmas Tree Collars.

I have always loved the look of a basket or a tree collar under a Christmas tree but always had a hard time finding one. Well I finally found one this year and actually learned that they were called tree collars! I thought it would be a great idea to round up some of my favorites for you. Since posting my tree on instagram and on the blog I have had a lot of messages about the collar. So let’s talk about the tree collar.

Now tree collars can vary from $150 to $29. They are hard to come by while browsing you really have to seek them out. I sought one out this year because my cat would just not stop playing and attacking my tree skirt last year. The skirt also left glitter and burlap all over the place. I loved the idea of the tree looking as if it was planted or self contained, even if it was an artificial tree. 

Metal Christmas Tree Collar

What is a tree collar?

Is typically used instead of a tree skirt. It is usually made out of a hard material that collars around the bottom of your tree. It is purely decorative to cover the base of the Christmas tree. They can be woven, plastic or made out of galvanized metal

Below are some other tree collars I had researched when looking for one for myself.

Christmas Tree Basket

Christmas Tree Baskets

Love the look of a Christmas tree in a basket but can’t find a basket that will fit your tree. They now make tree collars that look like baskets. They are one piece and you place your tree stand into the basket then set up your tree. The “baskets” don’t have bottoms so they will sit level on your floor. The tree collar baskets are my absolute favorite and they are timeless in their design.

Christmas Tree Collars

Christmas tree collars and baskets an alternative for Christmas tree skirts.

A collage of five Christmas Tree Collars.

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