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Beautiful DIY Christmas ornaments. Learn how to add glitter to glass ornaments and paint them plaid. 

Plaid Painted Ornaments

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Christmas and plaid seem to go hand and hand. Today I want to show you how I made these DIY plaid painted ornaments with glitter. You’ll learn how to add glitter to glass ornaments and the technique I use to hand paint plaid on glass. This is an easy DIY all you need is a steady hand, Glitter-It!, acrylic paint, glitter and some paint brushes. 

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Plaid Painted Glass Ornaments

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Clear Glass or Plastic Disc Ornament
  • Beacon Adhesives Glitter-It!
  • Extra Fine Glitter
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Dark Grey Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
    • Square Tip
    • Detail Brush
  • Ribbon
  • Sheet of printer paper. 

How to add glitter to a glass or Plastic ornament

What’s the secret to adding glitter to ornaments? Beacon Adhesives Glitter-It! It’s a non-toxic clear glue that makes it easy to add fine glitter to glass or plastic ornaments. This glue dries clear and fast and keeps the glitter vibrant! The pointed end makes it easy to apply with precision. It’s also easy to clean up with just soap and water. 

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Step One: Prep The Ornament

Remove the hanger from the top of your ornament. Clean the inside of your ornaments with a mixture of water and vinegar.

Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to one cup of warm water and pour a small amount into the ornament. Swirl around to thoroughly clean glass. Rinse and leave to dry upside down. This helps remove any residue that has been left inside the ornament. 

Beacon Glitter-It

Step Two: Glitter-It!

Pour a small amount of Glitter-It! into the ornament. Swirl around to coat the entire inner surface. Add more if needed. Drain Glitter-It! from the ornament. Make sure the entire inner surface is well coated before adding glitter.

Beacon Glitter-It

Step Three: Add Glitter

Take a piece of printer paper cut it in half and roll diagonally into a funnel. Immediately add glitter. Rotate and swirl the ornament until the inside is covered with glitter.  If necessary, add additional Glitter-It! and glitter until all areas are covered.

DIY Glitter Ornament

Turn ornament upside down and shake away any excess glitter. Now that the base color of our ornament is red glitter we are ready to paint your ornament plaid!

Glitter Ornament

How to paint an ornament plaid

Now I do want to warn you if you are a perfectionist this may be difficult for you. These plaid painted ornaments are what we call rustic or organic all the lines are freehand. Take your time with it. Painting to me can be very therapeutic. Often I will turn on music or a movie and paint. 

We are going to paint one side of the ornament and once dry turn the clear disc over an paint the other side.


Mix together or grab your dark grey paint. Starting in center use your brush with a square tip to paint a thick line down the middle of your ornament. Next about 2/3rds of the way to the left and to the right paint another vertical line. Make sure to leave room for a small pinstripe. 

Plaid Painted Glass Ornaments


With the same grey paint start painting your horizontal stripes. I tried to keep my stripes equal distance starting in the center again. I also think it’s important to put a horizontal stripe around the top edge of the ornament. It helps grounds it. 

Plaid Painted Glass Ornaments

Step Three: Vertical Pin Stripe

Grab your black acrylic paint and your thin detail brush. Paint a thin black pin stripe vertically in between your grey vertical stripes. 

Plaid Painted Glass Ornaments

Step Four: Horizontal Pin Stripe

You will want to do the same but this time painting horizontal pin stripes. 

Plaid Painted Glass Ornaments


Where the two grey stripes cross into a “t” you are going to use a smaller brush to create a square and then fill it in with black paint. Repeat this at every grey cross section. 

Let dry and repeat these 4 steps on the reverse side. Connecting your plaid stripes on the side while painting.

buffalo check

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Let dry and then replace hanger. Add a ribbon and adorn your tree! Enjoy your DIY plaid painted ornaments.

Plaid Painted Ornaments

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