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A colorful white Christmas tree in my craft room with handmade and hand painted ornaments. A crafty DIY Christmas tree for my studio space.

A Colorful White Christmas Tree in front of a peg board in a craft room.

I knew when I moved into my studio space that I was going to need to find a white Christmas tree and fill it with colorful handmade ornaments. Over the last month in my free time I have been making ornaments from yarn, gingerbread house cut outs, paint brushes and miniatures. I’ve had so much fun seeing this tree come together.

While it’s not completely done but we are 9 days away from Christmas and I wanted to share it with you. It still needs a tree topper and some sort of tree collar or skirt. If you have any ideas on what I should make for either of those let me know below! I am open to suggestions.

Looking for other Christmas tree decorating ideas? Check out this elegant Christmas tree, red and green Christmas tree and this teal Christmas tree.

This post contains affiliate links.

A beautiful white christmas tree with colorful ornaments in a craft room.
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Where To Buy A White Christmas Tree

The most difficult part of decorating a white Christmas tree was actually finding a white Christmas tree that didn’t look cheap. After buying and returning more than one I finally found this beauty at the store At Home.

I love that the branches on this tree are both white and iridescent. The fact that the store had three white Christmas trees on display was great because I wasn’t able to find them on display at any other store in person.

Colorful ornaments on a white Christmas Tree.

Color Scheme

When I decided to put a tree in my craft studio I knew it was only right to try to make most of my ornaments. I started with finding a garland. This one was from Michaels and I knew the colors would go great in my studio. From there I pulled out a color scheme. Which was from 4 bottle of acrylic craft paint. I knew using the same colors in each ornament would create a cohesive look.

The colors I used were teal, purple, a light pink and a medium pink. I did occasionally add a few red accents to tie in the garland and the handmade paper poinsettias that are on my wall. I love how these colors stand out against the white branches.

Handmade Ornaments

At first I wanted the tree to represent crafts that I loved. Painting is one of my favorite crafts so I created these dipped glittery paint brushes. I dipped the brushes in acrylic paint and covered them with glitter.

I also made these pom poms with a pom pom maker. They are so easy to make. This is a video on how to make them.

Gingerbread house were so popular this year. I’ve always had a love for winter villages and gingerbread house. I painted these cute rainbow houses and added glitter and puff paint for dimension.

Hand painted Teal Christmas Tree ornament with flowers on it.

Hand-painted Ornaments

I love painting abstract florals. These wooden blank Christmas trees are from Michaels. Started by painting them teal and the added abstract shapes for the flowers. Next take a black fine point marker and started to add some details to help them look like flowers.

I wasn’t expecting these to come out so cute! Finish them off by adding some white dots, to represent lights, with a paint pen. The teal stands out great on the white Christmas tree.

A glass snow globe ornament with a colorful village and snow inside hanging on a white Christmas tree with colorful ornaments.

This DIY snow globe with a colorful gingerbread village might just be my favorite ornament I have ever made. I bought these terrarium ornaments back in October because I knew they would sell out quickly. These are miniature gingerbread houses painted with acrylic craft paint and outlined them with a paint pen.

Want to make them? Check out this video to see how to make a snowglobe ornament.

A pink painted marbled ornament on a white Christmas tree.

Lastly to tie the color scheme together I painted clear glass ornaments. Using a very easy marbling technique with paint. This is such an easy way to tie in your color scheme if you can’t find the right ornament colors in the store.

Here’s a video detailing how to paint marbled ornaments.

Overall I am so happy with this Christmas tree. Not only is it white but it’s colorful and represents me so well. I will keep you guys updated when I add a tree skirt or collar and make a tree topper! Happy Holidays!

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  1. Michelle, your tree is gorgeous! I love all of the cute ornaments that you made to decorate it! The color scheme is so pretty! Happy Holidays!