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There is a local nursery that I love to visit and gather inspiration. While this place is way out of my budget I often find high end decor that I can recreate on my budget. Today I am walking you guys through how I made a DIY Snow Globe Terrarium. This cute apothecary can sit in any room of your house and keep a wintery scene safe behind glass. You know what that means right? My cats can’t or at least haven’t gotten into to this one piece of Christmas decor.

What you’ll need

  • Glass Dome
  • Fake Snow
  • House or church ornament
  • Bottle Brush trees of various sizes
  • Matchbox car or truck

Now this glass dome is what got my wheels spinning I saw it at the nursery for $50. Man did I want it I dreamed of making it a terrarium with succulents and air plants but just couldn’t spent the money. The next day I was at Joann’s and saw almost the identical dome for $35. I went to the register with my coupon in hand and to my surprise it was on sale for $13.99 and I had a 20% off my total order including sale items. Well let me just tell you I had to pause the transaction and go back through the aisles for that price I knew I had to have it and also had to turn it into something for my Christmas display. 

This is a very simple DIY project it really is just about putting your scene in place. Lay down a mound of the fake snow. Then first you want to put down your focal point of the scene which for me was the white church. I place it front and center and surrounded it by different sizes of the bottle brush trees, creating some dimension. 

Now my dad has a great collection of trucks so I knew I needed to borrow one to put a tree in. In fact I borrowed a few for some winter displays around the house. So now it looks like the family is coming home with their Christmas tree. 

One of my favorite parts about this church ornament is the fact that it lights up. Just at the beginning of the night I lift the glass of the dome and turn it on. It’s as simple as that and makes the biggest difference.

 I love the fact that this reminds me of a snow village but with a new twist adding the glass dome. I will have to say this was such an easy project making this DIY Snow Globe Terrarium. I had it complete in almost 10 minutes. It looks great in my newly renovated kitchen and gives the high end feel of something you would find in a boutique or Anthropology. Hope you enjoy!

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