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Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate for. It is the one holiday that I feel like you can go all out for. Growing up my mom always decorated our mantel. I was a bit sad moving into my house that I didn’t have a fireplace to decorate. My solution was to get a side board or a sofa table that I almost treat as a faux mantel in my living room. Consumer Crafts was awesome enough to send me a gigantic box filled with every holiday crafting supply you can imagine and challenge me to come up with a holiday craft. So today we are going to start decorating that “faux” mantel with an easy DIY burlap table runner made out of burlap ribbon from Consumer Crafts.


What you’ll need

Start off by threading your needle. Now you can either use thread or if you are looking for something thicker pick up some embroidery floss.  Next Cut your 6 inch burlap ribbon to size. Now I cut it the length of the table plus about a 4-5 inch over hang on each side. 

Next roll out your complimenting 2.5 inch burlap ribbon on top of the ribbon you just cut. Cut this ribbon approximately the same size. 

Since burlap has a loose weave I was wondering how to get started. What I did was tie a knot to the burlap and I was ready to go. You can either do this underneath or on top and the 2.5 inch burlap will cover it. 

Now once I started to sew I used long stitches on the bottom of the runner and short stitches on the opposite side. I did this so the stitches wouldn’t be visible on the top layer. Also using thread that matched the top layer of burlap also helped with this. Now you will want to do this on both sides of the burlap. 

I should let you guys know I rarely sew. So a project has to be simple in order for me to get out a needle and thread. I was able to do this whole project in about 20-25 minutes and in front of the tv! Those are my favorite projects the quick ones I can actually get done while relaxing on the couch. Now table runners can be expensive! The last one I bought was over $40 this runner will cost you less than $8. So save the rest to buy yourself a nice Christmas gift or some more craft supplies 😉  

To show you how to make a table runner is one thing but I also wanted to show you my finished faux mantel. I dressed it up with a Marquee Letter that was also sent in my box with the letter B for my last name. Not going to lie I foresee myself getting an M for Michelle to live in my craft room all year round. 

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  1. Love this! I already have the red burlap at home, and my last name starts with a "B", so I’m definitely inspired by this entire display! Great job. Can’t wait to try the burlap runner!