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A beautiful flocked buffalo check Christmas tree.

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For years I have been swooning over a the idea of a flocked Christmas tree. Well this year I dragged out my Christmas Tree put it up and plugged it in and only 1/3rd of it lit up. I tried figuring out how to get all the lights to work and well I failed. I even tried just shaking it really hard, no surprise that didn’t work either. So you want to know what I did? I ordered my dream Christmas tree. The one I had been eyeing for years and guys I couldn’t be happier. It was worth every hard earned penny. The flocking is gorgeous and it’s the fullest tree I have ever owned.

I am so excited to share my buffalo check Christmas tree I thought I would join up with some of my favorite bloggers so we could all show off our freshly decorated Christmas trees.

We have 24 talented bloggers joining up to share their decorated Christmas Trees with us!  So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and get comfortable, because you are going to love the beautiful Christmas Tree Decor shared over the next two days. 

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My tree has been up for a bit now. It was so beautiful just sparsely decorated a wondered since it was snowy if I could keep it up all winter long. I always start decorating my trees by fluffing all the branches and I don’t just do it once I am a little OCD I keep coming back to fluff more. Next I drape the tree in ribbon. Did you know how hard it was to find thick black and white buffalo check ribbon. After many stores I was able to score two rolls at Michaels.

Now my trick in the past since my trees weren’t always this full was to add red berries and pine cones. This time I added them to contrast the snowy branches of the flocked tree. Then I simply added these snowflake ornaments I made. Learn how to make them here.

Now I kept my tree like this for a few weeks. I just loved how simple it was and honestly never having a flocked tree before I did not know how I wanted to decorate it. I just knew I loved sitting at my couch staring at it.

I have been obsessed with buffalo check for a few years. I may have even decorated a few trees in the past with red and black buffalo check. Check them out here and here. What was different about this tree is I wanted to incorporate all different colors of buffalo check but white and black being the star.

For my color scheme this year I wanted to go mostly neutral with pops of red. Now you wouldn’t think of black as a neutral but in this case it is. I love these matte black ornaments I got on clearance last year from Lowes. They have a vintage vibe and give the tree a classic and upscale feeling.

Growing up my parents always had two white doves on their Christmas tree and they were connected by a ring they both were carrying with their beaks. To me every tree I have needs a bird or 12. It’s just something that makes me nostalgic for that family tree. These cardinals just sit right on the branch and pop right off the tree since they are red.

I love using embroidery hoops in unconventional ways. Did you guys see the Christmas wreath I made with an embroidery hoop? Well back an August I started thinking about how to make embroidery hoop ornaments. Yup August I ordered these 3 inch mini embroidery hoops. Learn how to make these mini embroidery hoop ornaments here.

Now I love these snowflakes. I also love the fact they were my first project with my Cricut Maker. They were super simple to make and I love the fact that I can now cut thicker material like chipboard. See how I made them here.

Here is a small sneak peek of the rest of the living room. You can see I kept the theme through out. It looks like there is freshly fallen snow through my shelves and entertainment center. If you are going to go flocked might as well go all in.

Overall I think this might be my favorite tree I have ever decorated and I’m not even sure I am done decorating it. I have been loving making ornaments lately that I might even make a couple more. I also have a second Christmas tree in my sunporch that is going up this weekend. Can’t wait to figure out what I will be doing out there. I hope you enjoyed my flocked buffalo check Christmas tree and make sure to check out some of the beautiful trees below!

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