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An honest review of Chip and Joanna Gaines Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Target line. 

The day has come! The Hearth and Hand with Magnolia is officially out at Target and I just had to stop into my local store to check it out. Now I had really high expectations so I thought I would share my thoughts, what I bought, what I wanted to buy and what I wouldn’t buy. 

Now I didn’t run to the store at opening, I learned my lesson with Lilly Pulitzer. I went in around 2pm expecting nothing to be on the shelves. To my surprise the aisles were still very full! My target had 2 dedicated employees restocking as you bought. I was impressed by this! 

Of course the first thing I had to do was get my selfie with Chip and Joanna. This might be my only shot with getting a picture with them. Now I have always wanted to make the pilgrimage down to Waco and go to Magnolia but this may be the closest I will get for awhile so I took advantage of it and relished in the moment. 

Now I told myself I wouldn’t go overboard….. I only came in for cat food and was just going to browse the aisles and maybe pick up just one or two small things. 

What I bought…

 photo credit: Target photo credit: Target  photo credit: Target photo credit: Target

Galvanized Metal Tree Collar

Now I have to say I had my eye on this tree collar since the sneak peek of the line came out. I have always wanted a basket for my artificial tree but never found one in my budget that fit well. This galvanized tree collar is a great alternative to the basket and was almost the price of a tree skirt at 34.99. 

Mailbox Letters to Santa

The child in me squealed when I saw this mailbox! I was thinking it was going to feel cheap but I was surprised by the heavy metal of the box. I truly think this is going to stand the test of time and I will be able to use this when I have kids some day. For now it is going to look great on my shelf….Oh wait it already does. 

Pine Wreath with Bell

A wreath…. Another wreath. Yup I couldn’t help myself. At least this wreath has legs beyond the Christmas season. I was impressed with the quality of the wreath, the hanging mechanism and the price 34.99! I also can see the wreath not only on my door but also hanging in my house. 

Rounded Mirrored Brass Tray and Galvanized Container Candle- Teakwood Current

I was really on the fence about this brass tray. It is nicely made I love the details on the side but what really sold me was the fact that it had feet for a tray or you could also hang it as a mirror. I love versatile home decor since I switch things up so often. For 24.99 it was as much as if I went to Homegoods. I put down this candle 3 times. I loved the look of the hammered metal I loved the scent of the teakwood and currant but I did not love the price tag of 19.99. Ultimately I still got it but I wish it was slightly cheaper! I rationalized it by knowing I would reuse the container once the candle is finished burning. 

Items I still want

I wish I had an unlimited budget and could just take both aisles home with me. But since I don’t here are some items that I left behind that I am still pining over. 

 photo credit: Target photo credit: Target

Textured Stoneware Pitcher

Since I am convinced I will find my Rae Dunn “Pour” pitcher I think this pitcher would go well with my collection. Would look gorgeous with red berries or fresh flowers in it. I will be keeping my eye on this. Who knows maybe there will be a sale someday…

 photo credit: Target photo credit: Target

Stoneware Salt & Pepper Cellar

These salt and pepper cellars are super cute especially in a farmhouse kitchen. They would only be cuter if they came with little spoons!

 photo credit: Target photo credit: Target  photo credit: Target photo credit: Target

Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture

Now I don’t have kids yet but man did I fall in love with this dollhouse! The price was a little steep on this but it looks well made and is just so darn cute! Would it be crazy to buy it now and put it away for my future kids, haha I’m not that crazy. But the thought did cross my mind.

 photo credit: Target photo credit: Target  photo credit: Target photo credit: Target

Plaid Holiday Stockings

Ok now if I didn’t just buy stockings last year these would have came home with me. I was also impressed by the price of only $13. 

Wooden Toy Tool Bench

Now if my nephew was 3 or older this would have been in my cart. I love the kids line. Everything is very well designed. 

Items I would skip…

While I would like to say I loved it all here are a few items I would skip.

 photo credit: Target photo credit: Target

Canvas & Leather Tote Bag

Honestly I just wasn’t a fan of the texture and it was much more wrinkled in person. 

 photo credit: Target photo credit: Target

Artificial Lamb Ear/White Berry Garland

I came in expecting to buy this but it didn’t looks as good in person. It wasn’t as full. I am very picky about artificial plants. For this you would be better off at Hobby Lobby with a coupon.

Overall Thoughts…

I was very impressed by the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia line at Target. I hope that this a line that will be updated and stay at Target long past the ending of the show. I can see myself shopping this line every season and I hope the quality remains this high. I was impressed with the craftsmanship, weight of the metals and overall finishes. This is a great alternative then a trip to Waco and more affordable than I thought it would be. I can’t wait to see what is next.

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  1. Oh, you had fun! I think I would have had to buy that mailbox for sure! It’s adorable. I may need to head over to my Target this week. And yes…I too was suckered in to that Lilly ‘event’…crazy.

  2. Target left Canada a few years ago and I am still sulking. Now it’s turned into a full on jealous rage – it all looks so beautiful. Thanks for your review, Michelle. I’m sort of glad some of it isn’t great. Sigh. 😢