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This time last year I was getting ready to close on my house. I had the closing set for the 22nd and I moved in the day after Christmas. It was hard mentally to have had put up a Christmas tree only to take it down before Christmas had even happened. Your first year in a new place is always really exciting, because you get to figure out where everything should go. Finding the perfect spot for your tree, your stockings and your knick knacks. 

While I have spent the whole year making this house a home there is just something about Christmas that has solidified that feeling for me. Maybe it’s the warmth and glow from all the lights, or my cat climbing the tree, or having all my friends gather. Just something feels different. I feel at home. 

It’s funny how when you look at houses one of my first thoughts is where would my Christmas tree go. Yes I am that annoying woman on house hunters. But it’s true you need that perfect spot that the tree is the focal point of the room but you can also see it from the outside. 

This year I added onto my rustic tree. Adding winterberries, more birds, and simple red and gold ornaments. Check out the full details here.

My favorite ornament…..or not. 

I’ve had cats most of my life and well Zoey is special she is just the embodiment of Christmas spirit. Anything Christmas she must be involved. Including one of her favorite pastimes climbing the tree and pretending she’s an ornament. She’s gotten as far as 3/4 of the way up the tree before I catch her. I don’t think my tree will ever be the same again. Also fun fact I read to put orange peels in the tree and I might have the only cat in the world that likes citrus and eats the orange peels. 

And the stockings were hung by the chimney… (kinda)… with care.

No chimney means no mantel but honestly with forced hot air in a small ranch who needs a fireplace? I have more places to put my furniture without it. So myself and the cats will make do with some command hooks on the wall. Plus I think it frames out the Christmas tree nicely. 

Every year I deck out these shelves as if it were my mantel. Using lit garland on the poles and drift wood garland on the bottom shelf. I balance out the Christmas decor with the everyday necessities like my cookbooks. I start with the top tier and work my way down. Adding a small Christmas tree and a large lantern to give the decor some height. 

I love adding vintage elements so I “borrowed” from my dad’s truck collection these old fashioned Coca-Cola trucks. I loved that they added a pop of color and with a piece of string and a bottle brush tree they were instantly ready for the holidays.  

Every year at the end of the season. I go out to all the stores and shop clearance to add to my Christmas decor for the following year. This reindeer was one of those finds last year at Target. I loved this guy all season and nearly flipped my lid when he was 80% off. 

An easy way to jazz up open spaces is to use extra ornaments. Placing them in baskets or glass hurricanes. To make them a little more festive I add in cinnamon scented pine cones. It also gives the house a constant seasonal aroma. 

Why have one tree, when you could have two!

It has always been a dream of mine ever since I was younger to have two trees! I pictured having a farmers porch, like my parents, and putting a tree out for the neighbors and all my guest to see. Well I haven’t quite got the farmer’s porch yet but I do have a sun porch that is treated as an entryway into the house that had a perfect corner for the tree. I also had a friend moving out west with a tree to spare! So since I am obessed with all things buffalo plaid this year I knew that this had to be an expression of that! For full details about my buffalo check plaid christmas tree read about it here

Oh Deer!

Now there has been more than one deer in this home tour. What can I say I stick with a theme. This old window I picked up at a yard sale this fall and just knew I wanted to do something with it on the sun porch so it could stay out all year. This being the first season with it I wreath was naturally a good fit with matching buffalo check ribbon to coordinate with the tree. I found a boxwood wreath on amazon because I knew that it was versatile enough to work for more than just one season. 

While the wreath hanging was beautiful, simple and farmhouse chic it was missing the eclectic element that I love. I know I know a old window isn’t eclectic enough for me? I found a paper mache deer head at a craft store and new with a bottle of spray paint this deer could be the focal point of the sun porch. Read more about how I made this deer display here

It wouldn’t be the holidays without making a craft from wood or pallets. I made this rustic stick Christmas tree after a tree in my yard becoming a casualty to some excavation that was happening. 

This is the one decoration in the house that the cats can’t seem to ruin because it sits behind a glass globe. I think this has become one of my favorites. It truly is a miniature version of my grandma’s christmas village. To read more about my inspiration for this and a supply list check out the full post here

And lastly we end in the kitchen which just seems to be the gathering spot in my home so why not deck it out also! Again adding ornaments to glass hurricanes is a simple way to decorate. Along with this gold foiled print from minted. Reminding you to Eat Drink and be Merry. 

I am so pleased with how my first home is decorated for the holidays. I can’t wait to show you guys how it evolves over the years and I truly make it my own. 2016 has been such a big year for me and I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store. 

Happy Holidays from Weekend Craft!

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