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Last minute Christmas cards from Minted to suit your personal style.

There are two types of people who send Christmas cards.

Those who start planning and have a family photo shoot in the Summer or Fall or those of who fly by the seat of their pants and get them out the door the last possible moment. Guess which one I am? Well atleast this year I am the second one. This year just snuck up on me! 

When I realized last week that I needed to order my cards I immediately knew I wanted to order from Minted. The last three years I have ordered my cards from Minted. From buying my first home, to introducing my kitten’s on a photo card Minted has been apart of our Holidays. 

Adding your personal style to your Christmas cards

This year I opted for a non-photo card and chose a card that really reflected my personal style. I went more neutral with my Christmas decor this year but added in shades of teal and greenery. The botanical Christmas card was a great representation of my style and also brought in the trend of handlettering. 

Another way to add your personal style to your Christmas card is to add in photos. Now they don’t have to be professionally done. Some of my favorite photos are the candids that capture moments throughout your year. 

Tips for ordering your holiday cards last minute

  1. Find out the last day you can mail cards to get them there by Christmas Eve. Check out USPS for dates here
  2. Skip the proofs. Not only does Minted give you a discount for skipping proofs it speeds up the process. 
  3. Have Minted address your envelopes. This is the biggest time saver! Learn more about that here.
  4. Miss the deadlines? Send out a Happy New Years card! It’s all encompassing and it doesn’t make you look like you missed Christmas! 

Christmas cards are my absolute favorite because I feel like I hardly get mail anymore. Even bills once you go paperless you stop checking your mailbox everyday. But at the holidays I come home every night and eagerly walk to my mailbox wondering who’s holiday cards will shop up today. 

I also love to display them with pride every year. This year I am using a wooden sign with closed pins. Last year and the year before I used old shutters. I haven’t decided yet but if I get any more cards I may have to take the shutters out from last year. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from my little family to yours!

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