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A mixed metal neutral farmhouse christmas tree with gold and silver ornaments. 

Every year I try to switch my christmas tree up a bit and this year is no different. After decorating neutral for fall I knew I wanted switch up my normal rustic christmas tree to a more farmhouse neutral tree. I love the idea of mixing metals. Silver and gold together used to be a faux paux but it is very much in right now. Heck I would’ve added rose gold too if it the ornaments in store didn’t looks so pink. 

Putting up a farmhouse christmas tree



Now I had been dying to put my Christmas tree up since Nov 1st, too early I know but that’s not what stopped me. I was still having flashbacks to last year. Do we remember what happened last year? Zoey my sweet but sour Zoey basically lived in the tree. Not in the bottom of the tree either, about 2/3rds of the way up the tree. The tree skirt forget it… that lasted maybe a day. Now she was only 1 so maybe it will be better this year, right? If not she will be basement bound until New Years (just kidding…maybe).

Changing the look of your tree every year on a budget.

Now I told you guys I switch up my tree every year but let’s face it I don’t have the budget to fully redo my tree. So here’s what I do. I take inventory of what I do have. For instance my tree was mostly red and gold ornaments, a lot of pinecones and birds. For ribbon and a tree skirt it was burlap with red trim. Now I allowed myself to buy one bucket of ornaments at Joann’s of gold, silver and white ornaments. With all my coupons and the sale it was under $11. The other thing you can do to change the look dramatically is to change out your ribbon. I picked up gold wide ribbon from Hobby Lobby for only $5. One roll does the whole tree. 

Just because you have a lot of ornaments doesn’t mean they all have to go on the tree. Any ornament from last year that was red or that had red in it was left in the rubbermaid. Editing the ornaments you put on your tree is key. Be selective.

My biggest advice to you is starting December 26th start shopping for next year. Last year being my first Christmas in the house I did not have nearly enough Christmas decorations. Let alone any for the outside. I bought battery operated LED wreaths for the windows at 90% off. You can’t beat that. This is the perfect time to buy tree decorations for next year. 

Who needs a tree skirt when you can have a tree collar!

The tree skirt was a fiasco last year with Zoey. It was truly only on the tree when I had company over. Now I had always wanted a basket to put my tree in but had never found one in the stores and ordering it online was always an afterthought. I was really excited when I saw this galvanized metal tree collar in the Hearth and Hand Magnolia line at Target.  I was actually shocked about how reasonable the price was and the quality. It creates a whole new look for the tree. I thought it would deter Zoey from being under the tree but now I just find her in it and out of my reach. At least she’s not in the tree… progress.

Get your artificial christmas tree looking full.

One thing I love to add to my trees is sprigs or spray. Last year I used red berries and this year I am using pine cones. They are flocked to look snow fallen and they are on about a 2 foot stick that slides nicely in between the branches. You can find these constantly on sale during the holiday season and it really fills out your tree and gives it a bit of a high end feeling. 

Finding the perfect tree topper

For me finding the perfect tree topper is the hardest part of decorating a tree. I searched for years for the perfect topper. And do you want to know a secret? It’s not even a tree topper it’s an oversize ornament I found at a local boutique. How funny is that? I retrofitted it to work. I love it so much and year after year I get asked about it. I love that it’s one of a kind since it’s purpose was not to adorn the top of my tree. 

Now who is ready to get their tree up?! ME! Haha did I mention I am putting another tree up in my sunporch?! I just have to wait a week or so. My neighbors already think I am crazy. Check out last year’s sunporch tree here. It was buffalo check!

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  1. Beautiful! Since we cut a real tree I have to wait until first week of December, but I am tempted to get a small faux tree for our bedroom this weekend! Love the tree collar too! Our tree skirt becomes a cat bed for the season!

    1. You know I’ve never had a real tree! We didn’t grow up with one but I imagine it smells wonderful. Does Henry bother the tree at all or just the skirt? Can’t wait to see how you decorate the year.

  2. OK…that tree topper idea is brilliant! May borrow that one! And what a great suggestion about adding in branches of…whatever…pinecones, berries, flocked leaves…May borrow that one too. Your tree looks so fantastic.
    So…your story about Zoey has me a little concerned. We have an almost 1 year old cat (Peep) who is FULL ON crazy. And, to make it worse…she’s a little clumsy. I had planned to get our tree up a week before we decorated it in the hopes that the novelty would wear off by the time we did decorate, but you have me thinking that I may be deluding myself on that point. In any event, I am planning on bolting the tree to the wall. We get a tall tree and the thought of the whole thing, with 30+ years of ornaments toppling over is giving me nightmares already…and it’s not even up.

    1. I LOVE my tree topper! Oversized ornaments work so well, borrow away. Also adding branches makes the trees much fuller. I do it to every tree, every year!
      Keep an eye on peep. She might not be as crazy as Zoey. Dora was fine a nibble here and there but nothing like Zoey. Keep it up for a day or two no ornaments and see how she does.

  3. How have I never thought to fill in the branches before?!? It’s always bothered me how hollow my tree looks. Thanks for the great tip, Michelle!

    1. Branches fill a tree wonderfully. I hate being able to look through an artificial tree. I do this every year to both my trees.

  4. Love the silver & gold decorations we usually decorate with those but this year I’m going traditional with red & green! Our house is very rustic & I think it will fit in nicely. I love the idea of adding red berries, thank you.

    1. I love traditional. I am usually more traditional this is way out of my element. I love adding redberries. they are definitely going in my sunporch tree!