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Snowman Mason Jar Vase

Hey Guys! It’s the third Monday of the month and that means it’s Mason Jar Monday. This month’s theme is Christmas and I have a fun project for you a Simple Snowman Mason Jar Vase. 

Now I love turning mason jars into fun seasonal characters actually one of my favorite projects is the Easter Bunny Vase I created this past year. I would be lying if I didn’t admit it was the inspiration for this project. 


What You’ll Need

Paint your mason jar with 2 coats of chalk paint. I let the first layer dry for about 45 minutes before painting the second coat. 

Here comes the tricky part painting the face. I say it’s tricky but it’s really not I just usually get a bit anxious on putting the first eye on the mason jar. I swear I rarely paint or draw and I am not the best artist so if I say painting this snowman’s face is easy believe me it is! It is all about the steady hand and using a good detail brush. 

I used two variations of orange for the nose. Using spiced pumpkin as the base and just mixing a bit of white to the orange to tone it down and drawing the ridges of the carrot. When drawing these characters I always add two white dots one for each eye I think it just gives the snowman a bit more personality. 

I also added black dots as the month to represent coal. I also tied a bit of rafia along the neck of the bottle to dress up the snowman a bit. You could also do this with ribbon or twine. Now just add in some water and flowers and you have a simple but cute centerpiece for your table or mantel. 

Mason Jar Monday: Christmas Edition

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