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A chocolatey shot served inside a chocolate Easter bunny. The perfect cocktail for Easter.

Who says chocolate Easter bunnies are just for the kid’s Easter baskets? Let’s make a fun Easter cocktail or better yet an Easter shot! My family always comes together on Easter and does a brunch or an early lunch. Up until a few years ago it just used to be us adults. Now that the kids are there much of the focus is on the Easter baskets, toys and chocolate bunnies. I thought why not think about what adults really want for Easter. My mind immediately goes towards cocktails.

Today I am joining up with 5 of my favorite bloggers to share 5 Easter cocktails for you. They are indulgent, sweet and fun cocktails that you are going to want to stick around until the end of the post to see.

I had been looking for an excuse to buy Godiva Chocolate Liqueur for awhile now and this was the perfect reason. I had once had it in a martini and had been thinking about it ever since.

Now my original plan was to mix it with marshmallow vodka but it seem that Smirnoff has stopped making the fluff vodka. So naturally my next selection was whipped cream vodka. This could also be made it vanilla vodka.

Now I had never made these before so I had to do a bit of experimenting… I mean research to see which of the chocolate bunnies would work best as a shot glass. Now I thought the Lindt bunny would be the winner. I even bought two different sizes. Well I was wrong the Palmer chocolate bunny at a fraction of the cost not only holds the shot better but it also looks more like a bunny when you chop the ears off. Now the chocolate is not nearly as good quality as Lindt but it is still good.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Shots

The perfect cocktail for Easter.

Makes: 1 shot


Prep time:


  • 1 Chocolate Easter Bunny
  • 2 oz Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
  • 1 oz Whipped Cream Vodka
  • 1/2 cup of ice


  1. Cut chocolate bunnies carefully at the ears.
  2. In a shaker add ice, Godiva chocolate liqueur and whipped vodka. Shake well.
  3. Using a small kitchen funnel pour the shot into the chocolate Easter bunnyy. Serve immediately.

I can’t even get over how fun these are. I served them cold with paper straws. I cannot wait to serve these with dessert at Easter this year.

Don’t feel like drinking or having a non boozy brunch. Swap out the shot for chocolate milk.

5 Cocktails perfect for Easter.

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  1. This is so darn cute! I love a good chocolate bunny, and usually steal one from my kids basket, now I know how to enjoy it this year!