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Christmas Cocktails

19 Christmas Cocktail recipes for entertain this Christmas. Easy Cocktail recipes for Christmas Parties.

Christmas Cocktails

Every year I throw a Christmas party for my friends. Two things we do every year is have a secret santa and enjoy a signature cocktail. Last year the cocktail was a Christmas margarita. I look forward to testing out cocktails before the party to make sure it’s just right. 

While trying to think of what this years cocktail should be I turned to 18 of my favorite bloggers to inspire me with their Christmas cocktail recipes and I decided to share those cocktail recipes with you today. 

What is a traditional Christmas Drink?

So where should we start? How about with the question what is a traditional Christmas Cocktail? I have had many holiday drinks and these tend to be the most traditional drinks I can think of. 

Christmas Cocktails

Festive cocktail recipes for Christmas. Perfect cocktails for entertaining this Christmas. Whether it is Christmas dinner or a Christmas party there is a cocktail for everyone.

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