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Comparison between the new DreamBox 2 and the Original DreamBox. Let’s take a look at some of the changes and improvements for this craft storage system.

A new DreamBox from Create Room has come out which has people asking the question what is the difference between the DreamBox 2 and the DreamBox (original). The new DreamBox has a ton of improvements let me walk you through some of the changes so you can decide if the DreamBox 2 is right for you.

This post contains affiliate links. The DreamBox was gifted to me but all thoughts and opinions on this product are my own.

Looking for a full overview and review of the DreamBox 2? Check out my full review here or over on YouTube.

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What is the difference between the DreamBox and the DreamBox 2?

The DreamBox 2 is the latest model of the DreamBox it came out in June 2023. Create Room took into account requests from current customers and product testers and made some changes to make the DreamBox sturdier and more customizable. Here are some of the differences between the DreamBox and DreamBox 2.

DreamBox 2 Table

New and Improved Table Design

The biggest update in my opinion is the fold out table. The original DreamBox table was more like a card table with folding legs. The new table has stronger hinges with no table legs. This makes for a more modern design.

The new table is 2 inches wider than the previous table. There’s also a new wider side table that integrates with they secure lock system. This side table extension is an option you can add on when ordering your DreamBox. I do not have the side table extension but it is something I may add in the future if I find myself needing a larger work surface in the studio.

Along with the new fold out table the DreamBox 2 has a larger opening above the desk to house a computer or two large machines with a machine shelf.

DreamBox 2 Table Extension


Create Room has also updated the hinges on the DreamBox 2. The new hinges along with the reinforced frame can support 650 lbs. (I was really impressed with how sturdy these hinges are. I’ve put together a lot of furniture but nothing with hinges like these before.)

DreamBox 2 hinges

DreamBox 2 Lights and Crown

Every DreamBox 2 now comes with a light standard. This used to be an additional add on. If you are looking for double lights you can upgrade to a deluxe crown with double lights. I choose to upgrade mine to a deluxe crown.

The DreamBox lights are LED daylights which last for up to 50,000 hours. The lights have a toggle switch or you can use a smart plug like this and turn your lights on with your phone or Alexa.

DreamBox 2 Table

Additional Changes For More Storage and Wider Storage

  • Wider storage and more accessories.
  • Larger accessories.
  • New storage options for tall and skinnier items.
  • New larger wooden drawers (I did not get these).
  • Shelves now sit on metal pegs.
  • Adjustable lower shelves for additional craft machines or storage.
  • White covers to hide open shelf peg holes.
  • White shelf support rails for door shelves.
  • Additional cord holes to customize your workstation.
DreamBox 2

Does the DreamBox 2 go on sale?

The DreamBox does occasionally go on sale throughout the year. Sometimes you can even stack my discount code WEEKENDCRAFT for additional savings. Want to be the first to know about a sale. Sign up below and I will keep you up to date!

DreamBox 2 Discount Code

If you are looking to save on the Create Room DreamBox 2 use code WEEKENDCRAFT at any time to get the best price available!

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