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DreamBox 2 craft storage furniture review. Is it worth the cost? Let’s unbox the DreamBox, set it up and organize craft supplies.

DreamBox 2

I am so excited to finally share my new DreamBox 2! The newest craft organization storage from Create Room. I have been so busy setting it up in my craft room. I’ve been wanting a DreamBox for years for craft storage and as a craft workstation.

While I know it is an investment to buy I want to bring you through the entire process from delivery to assembly and organizing to help you make an informed decision before purchasing a DreamBox.

Disclosure: I was fortunate enough that Create Room provided me this DreamBox 2 for my craft studio space to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My hope is to give you the full experience from ordering to delivery and setup. This post contains affiliate links.

DreamBox 2 Craft Storage

What is a DreamBox 2?

A DreamBox 2 is a craft storage cabinet from Create Room. It’s a tri-fold storage cabinet that is filled with shelves, totes and bins to organize craft supplies. This piece of craft storage furniture folds and unfolds to the size of an armoire or over 9 feet wide and standing almost 6 feet tall at 5’11.

The DreamBox 2 is completely customizable for your crafting and storage needs. The DreamBox 2 is the latest DreamBox from Create Room. It was also formerly call the Original ScrapBox.

The DreamBox 2 offers unparalleled organization and convenience . With its carefully designed compartments and modular features, the DreamBox 2 aims to streamline your crafting process and save you valuable time by helping you create efficiencies.

DreamBox Closed

New Craft Room! (Craft Studio)

After 10 years of running my craft business out of my small 2 bedroom home I moved my craft room out of my house and into a craft studio. It’s in a renovated mill building and I have over 800 sq ft of crafting space with gorgeous 16 ft tall ceilings!

But the studio has absolutely no storage space it’s just an open space and I have to bring in my own storage solutions. The minute I stepped into this space I knew I needed a DreamBox! I have been thinking about it for years.

Craft Studio

Now that I have it I can’t help but think how amazing the DreamBox would’ve been in my guest room when I was also using it as an office. It would’ve improved the function of that room and help keep me organized which was my biggest struggle. I love that you can close it up when you are done or have guests.

Which Create Room DreamBox Did I get?

I ordered the pre-built DreamBox 2 white ergo with a full set of totes and deluxe crown with double lights. I also opted for the short dividers and the machine shelf above the fold down table.

Create Room DreamBox 2

What is the difference between the DreamBox and the DreamBox 2?

The DreamBox 2 is the latest model of the DreamBox it came out in June 2023. Create Room took into account requests from current customers and product testers and made some changes to make the DreamBox sturdier and more customizable. Here are some of the differences between the DreamBox and DreamBox 2

  • New fold out table design with improved strong hinges and a modern design with no table legs.
  • Reinforced frame and new hinges that can support 650 lbs. (I was really impressed with how sturdy these hinges are. I’ve put together a lot of furniture but nothing with hinges like these before.)
  • Wider table– the table is 2 inches wider.
  • Now includes a light standard or you can upgrade to a deluxe crown with double lights. (I chose to upgrade!)
  • Wider storage and more accessories.
  • New storage options for tall and skinnier items.
  • Larger opening above the desk to house a computer or two large machines with a machine shelf.
  • New larger wooden drawers (I did not get these).
  • Metal pegs for shelves.
  • Adjustable lower shelves for additional craft machines or storage.
  • Additional cord holes to customize your workstation.
Dream Box 2 Cricut

Initial Thoughts and Review of the DreamBox 2

Now that I’ve had my DreamBox for a month here are my initial thoughts. There were definitely some pros and cons. I plan to come back and update this post the more I use the DreamBox in my everyday crafting.

Pros of DreamBox 2

The DreamBox holds an unbelievable amount of craft supplies. I have emptied close to three Ikea Kallax bookshelves into my DreamBox along with 3 Cricut machines, a sewing machine and I still have room for more.

The large totes work perfectly for 12×12 card stock along with rolls of vinyl, iron-on and infusible ink. I’ve also filled them with rhinestones, polymer clay and sublimation supplies.

The medium totes I’ve filled with fabric, double sided tape, blank cards and cut away cards. And the small totes or notions have worked out perfectly for markers and paint brushes.

I love that it fits multiple Cricut machines along with cubbies I used for spray paint. The metal rods on the door are perfect for hanging washi tape and ribbon.

The Craft Table and Workspace
I am surprised how much I love the craft table and it’s new design. Visually I love that there aren’t legs on the craft table it gives it a much neater and sleek design.

I really enjoy being able to craft at the table, usually with my Cricut, and reach over for some supplies. The white table has also made it really easy to take photos and videos of my crafts.

DreamBox 2 Cricut

I knew it was going to be customizable but I didn’t realize to this extent. There are almost endless options of ways that you can rearrange shelving and totes. While I love the way it’s setup now I know as I use it I will be changing things around to best fit my storage needs.

I also am glad I opted for the full set of totes so I can have the ability to add even more as I change things around.

Cricut Storage
I love that I am able to store multiple Cricut Machines, accessories and materials in the DreamBox. I currently have three Cricut machines stored but I know I will more than likely be storing another machine ore two as well.

Cons of DreamBox 2

The cost of the DreamBox can be out of reach for many. It was for myself for many years. I am a firm believer in living within my means. With the base price over $2,500 this is definitely an item to save up for and not rush into because it’s trendy. My craft storage solutions started with some facebook marketplace used Ikea Kallax book shelves with cubbies. Slowly I upgraded to brand new Ikea furniture. Having a studio and a DreamBox is a huge step up for me.

Cricut Smart Materials
I am an avid Cricut crafter and own a lot of smart materials. The Cricut smart vinyl and iron-on does not fit in the large totes but only on the door. Now I can get creative on how I store these I was just expecting them to fit in the large totes.

While easy to put together the instructions were not the easiest to follow. I felt they could’ve been a bit more detailed.

While delivery was easy I was a bit nervous about the size and weight of the crate. The freight company was easy to work with but I was nervous about having to uncrate the box stand it upright and get it up to my studio. It worked with just two of us but a 3rd person would’ve been amazing. Only true con was the amount of recycling and the empty pallet we had to dispose of.

DreamBox 2 Craft Table

What kind of crafter is the DreamBox 2 for?

  • Cricut Crafter
  • Scrapbooker or Paper Crafter
  • Sewer
  • Polymer Clay Artist
  • Fine Artist
  • Multi Media Artist
  • Knitter and Crocheter
Create Room DreamBox 2

How much does DreamBox 2 cost?

The DreamBox 2 is an investment. The base price for the DreamBox 2 is $2,599 USD. As you start to add on extras the price will increase. What I do think is worth adding on is having the DreamBox pre-built. It will save you a lot of time and potential frustration but it does cost upwards of $599.

Is the DreamBox worth the price?

Being more of a seasoned crafter know it’s a hobby (or a business) I am going to stick with and work on almost everyday I am able to justify the price of the DreamBox. If you are just getting started in crafting I would wait and make sure that your hobby warrants the storage and the workspace.

Now for this cost I was hesitant it would be Ikea quality since it isn’t solid wood. I was pleasantly surprised how well made this is and sturdy. The attention to detail and ability to customize the piece really shows how much Create Room has thought about the crafter and how they will use this craft storage furniture.

DreamBox 2 Delivery

DreamBox Delivery

The DreamBox, whether you get the pre-built or the DIY assembly, is delivered curbside by a freight company. It will be crated and delivered on a pallet in your driveway. Make sure to have 2-3 people present to uncrate and bring into your space. The crate was over 650 lbs.

If you ordered the pre-built DreamBox 3 of the big pieces have wheels which made it much easier to uncrate and load into my craft room.

My DreamBox was delivered by Old Dominion and I was given a 4 hour delivery window. My driver was awesome and very helpful. I made sure to tip him for his great service.

PreBuilt DreamBox

Pre-built vs DIY Assembly

I ordered the pre-built DreamBox. I highly suggest going with this option. It will take you about 3 hours to assemble the pre-built. The prebuilt comes in five main pieces which are attached by hinges. Since most pieces are on wheels I was able to assemble it mostly on my own just needing help holding up the final door panels. The cost of getting it pre-built is $599 and I have seen it go on sale for $299.

The DIY assembly is very similar to an Ikea build. You will get a flat pack and need to assemble it on your own. Now Create Room says it takes about 4-6 hours to build but I have known a few people to have done it over two days.

DreamBox 2 Setup

Does the DreamBox 2 go on sale?

The DreamBox does occasionally go on sale throughout the year. Sometimes you can even stack my discount code WEEKENDCRAFT for additional savings. Want to be the first to know about a sale. Sign up below and I will keep you up to date!

DreamBox 2 Discount Code

If you are looking to save on the Create Room DreamBox 2 use code WEEKENDCRAFT at checkout for a $100 off!

DreamBox Craft Desk Storage

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