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The must have list of Cricut tools for your Cricut.

The Guide to Cricut Accessories

My Cricut’s are my most used item in my craft room. I have been using my Cricut for over 2 years and I wanted to show you some of my favorite Cricut tools and accessories when crafting. Now it doesn’t matter if you have the Cricut Explore Air 2 or the Cricut Maker these tools are versatile across both machines.

Now I use both my Cricut’s for all different types of crafting from vinyl, chipboard, fabric, leather, paper and anything else you can think of I probably have tried to cut it and craft with it. If you are interested in seeing some of these projects you can check them out here.

My family often jokes that every room in my house is kissed with teal. Whether it is a vanity, kitchen backsplash or some throw pillows I love a teal accent. So naturally I gravitated towards the mint accessories from Cricut.

Cricut tools

When I first started crafting I was all about hacks and never having the right tool I needed but making something else work. Now as I am a more experienced crafter (AKA I am getting old) I appreciate the proper tools and even putting them away in their respective homes so I can find them next time I need them.

Let’s find out more about my favorite accessories and tools.

This post contains affiliate links.

Top 5 Cricut Accessories and Tools

Cricut Self Healing Mat

Self Healing Mat

I love a good mat. In art school I was always the one cutting on the floor of my dorm room with out a mat or accidentally scratching the desks. But now that I own my home I am all about protecting the surfaces. A good mat is worth every penny. I love that the Cricut self healing mats are double sided on one side have a beautiful design that ill pretty up your workspace. It has multi-angled grid lines on one side and more inspiration with a decorative print on other. Easy-to-read numbers on wide 1″ border for use with rotary cutters and precision blades.

Don’t confuse these self healing mats for the 12″x12″ or 12″x24″ mats. The self healing mats are not for use in Cricut machines.

When these mats aren’t in use there is a whole punched into your mat and they can easily be hung on the wall.

Cricut Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutter and Acrylic Ruler

Working with fabric is relatively new to me. Now that I have the Cricut Maker I find myself working with fabric more and more. The first time I used the rotary cutter I was shocked at how sharp and accurate it was. I had imagined it like a pizza cutter. I was really impressed it cut fabric like butter. The handle was designed to give precise control. It is designed symmetrically to make it perfect for both right- and left-handed users.

The blue button on the side is a quick-release that safely activates the blade and the sliding quick-release blade cover eliminates stray cuts when not in use. The blade is 60 mm and made from premium steel that is capable of cutting through multiple layers of thicker materials, including denim, batting, and much more, as well as cotton fabrics, and other lighter weight materials.

rotary cutter

There are two different types of rulers from Cricut that I love. One being the acrylic ruler and the other being the cutting ruler. The acrylic ruler is 3″ x 18″ size with a frosted finish with easy-to-see measurements gives you visibility on both light and dark surfaces. It’s great to use with your rotary cutter to cut fabrics.

Cutting Ruler

The reason I love the cutting ruler is the safety guard. Being into DIY means I have a few wooden rulers and yardsticks around. Every-time I cut with a wooden ruler I end up slicing into the wood with my knife. The protective safety guard makes fast, clean cuts.It also helps protect your hands from the sharp cutting tools. The tool has a textured, nonslip base grips work surface for safety and control.

Cricut ruler

TrueControl Knife

As a kid I remember grabbing what I thought was a pen and slicing my thumb open. Ever since then I have been slightly afraid of changing out blades on a knife. My mind was blown when I found out that the Cricut TrueControl knife patented hands-free blade changing system.

The TrueControl knife has an anti-roll design to keep the knife in place when not in use. It also has an comfortable and cushioned grip so you can craft for hours. I often like to use the TrueControl knife to weed out delicate vinyl in addition to the hook tool.

Cricut Accessories Now I just need to get my craft room a little more organized so I can show you how I store and organize all my Cricut tools.

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