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The ultimate Star Wars gift for age 3+. How to make custom decals for a kids Jeep using vinyl and a cricut. 

Star Wars Car Decal

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Whether you already have a kids jeep, power wheels or are putting one under the Christmas tree adding your own decals will make it a unique gift that any child will love! My nephew recently turned four and is obsessed with Star Wars. I knew when I bought him the black Jeep Wrangler that I needed to make it a Darth Vader and Star Wars themed car. This is the ultimate Star Wars gift for a kid’s birthday or Christmas.

Of course that means we are going to customize this car with a Cricut. We are going to use the Cricut Maker to cut vinyl decals to place on the car. 

Star Wars Car Decal

Where to find Star Wars SVG

Now to get the Star Wars car decals just right I didn’t want to design them myself. I turned to Etsy to find SVG files to upload into design space. These are the files I purchased Darth Vader SVG, Star Wars Squad Goals SVG and Star Wars Logo SVG.

What you’ll need 

How to upload an SVG in Cricut Design Space

Now you can choose to use buy your SVGs on Etsy or use your own designs. Keep in mind to measure the width and height of the space on your power wheels or kids jeep and consider this when laying out your design.

Open design space and on the left hand tool bar click upload. Then click upload image. This will open up a window for you to select your SVG file from your computer. Your image will load in select the preview and click insert image. 

Cut Your Design

Size your design proportionally to the size of where you are placing it. In your design space file you are ready to “Make It,” select your machine and then the type of material you are using. Once the material is selected load your mat and touch the blinking button and watch your design come to life.

Star Wars DecalWeeding

Once the Cricut is done cutting remove the mat from the machine and start to weed your excess vinyl. I like to keep the vinyl on the cutting mat while weeding. Tip if you don’t have a hook tool you can use an xacto knife or your true control knife. You should just be left with your design.

Darth Vader DIY Decal

Transferring Vinyl 

Cut a piece of transfer tape to size and using your scraper tool or a credit card rub the vinyl on to the transfer tape. Flip upside down and peel back the white backing. You will be left with the vinyl on the gridded transfer tape. 

Darth Vader Decal

Place the design on the car. I use gridded transfer paper this helps you lay the design straight. Once it is in the desired position use your credit card or scraper too to transfer the vinyl on to the Jeep. Peel back the transfer tape. I like to peel it back low and slow making sure the vinyl is sticking to the car.

Star Wars Decal

Choosing the right kids Jeep or Power Wheels

How to choose the the right car for your kids? I did a lot of research and decided my criteria was that I wanted the car to have a

  • Remote control for parental control
  • Wide enough that both boys could fit
  • Seat Belt
  • Good reviews on the battery
  • Easy Assembly
  • Fast shipping

This lead me to order this Jeep from Amazon. While it was a bit of a splurge to buy, a Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car/Truck, I feel confident and safe with my decision to buy this kids car. 

Kids Star Wars Jeep

Assembling a Kids Jeep

While I was a bit surprised that assembly on the Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck was more than just putting the wheels on. The assembly was not difficult it took about an hour and a half and I just needed a screw driver and pliers. I will say watch the assembly video on Amazon. It was much simpler to follow than the instructions. 

Star Wars Car Decal

How to make a car decal

Don’t have a kids jeep but want to make decals for your car. Don’t worry you can follow the same tutorial and put it on your car. These also make great window decals. 

What type of vinyl to use for car decals

What is the best type of vinyl to use for decals on cars or outside? I like to use Cricut permanent outdoor vinyl. You can also use Oracle 651 which is an outdoor vinyl.  


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