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A fun night out in Federal Hill Providence, RI. Girls night or date night ideas in Providence.

Teal Leather Jacket

Federal hill is a great neighborhood in Providence, RI known for it’s close knit community, hospitality and Italian restaurants. Federal hill is known as little Italy. You may also recognize the names Buddy Cianci and Raymond Patriarca but listen to the podcast Crimetown if you want to learn more about this neighborhoods mobster history.

Federal Hill has become a go to neighborhood to getting a bite to eat. On Atwells Ave you will find your more traditional Italian fare but on Broadway you will find the more trendy restaurants.

Federal Hill is a great place to grab a bite to eat before a show or just on a gorgeous night. For eating in the city street parking seems to be ample.

This post contains affiliate links.

What to wear?

Providence is a fun and hip city. You have a lot of college students and young professionals. It has a casual yet trendy vibe. It was a chilly Spring day so I opted for a comfortable striped jersey swing dress, sandal and my new botanical green moto jacket.

Now this jacket is a bit out there for me but the color attracted me. Never in my life did I think I would own a green leather jacket but the way it contrasts with my fair skin and compliments my red hair. The cropped length of the jacket makes it perfect to wear with dresses and gives a longer appearance to my torso. I cannot wait to wear it with just jeans and a t-shirt on a Fall night.

Sources for this plus size night-out outfit: Moto Jacket | Striped Jersey Swing Dress | Loop Toe Sandals

ramen dish at The Grange

Where to eat?

Well in the past 5-10 years Federal Hill has been become a culinary stomping grounds for dare I say millennials. We have seen bakeries, brunch spots, vegetarian restaurants and beer halls open. There is even a trailer park themed restaurant. So where did we chose to eat?

The Grange is a vegetarian restaurant that serves seasonal dishes and one of a kind cocktails. Now I am not a vegetarian and there was not one moment during my meal did I miss not having meat on my plate.

So what did I get? I am always on the search for a good ramen. The Grange changes theirs out seasonally. I got the ramen and an aperol spritz. The ramen was over flowing and was enough to eat for two days. It had a nice spice to it and was served with a peanut tofu which was so flavorful.

Aperol Spritz drink

Moto Jacket

Aperol spritz is my go to summer cocktail. While not on the menu here the bartender whipped me up one. Want to make an aperol spritz at home? Check out my classic recipe here and a pineapple aperol spritz here.

The Grange also has a juice bar, vegan bakery & cocktail bar.

Not feeling vegetarian? Here are some of my other favorite restaurants in Federal Hill. Broadway Bistro, Julians, Oggies Trailer Park , Siena, Venda Ravioli and Pane e Vino.

Tricycle Ice Cream

What about dessert?

With our doggy bags in tow we headed out to find dessert. Now it’s been raining in New England for about 2 months. So one nice day of weather and we knew we needed ice cream. Tricycles Ice cream serves gourmet ice cream sandwiches, ice cream tacos and push pops.

They originally started out in a cart at farmers markets and now have this location. Make sure to check the hours because I believe they are only open Friday thru Sunday. Check out Tricycles Ice Cream on Instagram here.

After dinner drink

The nights still young so let’s grab a drink around the corner. Bayberry Beer Hall is a modern American craft beer hall & restaurant. It’s right around the corner from Tricycles ice cream and has the best beers that New England has to offer, serve made-from-scratch food that features local ingredients, and create a relaxed and communal dining experience. It’s a self-serve restaurant you can sit where you want, order when you like and stay as long as you want.

If you are a fan of plants and interior design you will want to check out this beer hall.


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